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This market is like a forest fire: the number of "lights" - crypto-currency markers is growing, prices are rising up too, and capitalization is just sweeping away everything in its path. Well, how do you want us to watch all this? Take it easy: BitScreener - using this blockchain, you can get simplified and summarized information about crypto-currencies.

What is BitScreener?

A resource for studying market trends, selecting the most important of them and providing the user with a clear view. The project started in July 2017, since then more than 1200 coins have been added to the analysis function. Data on their market state are changed in online modus.

BitScreener’s Tools

This platform is aimed at filtering out hundreds of streams of the most valid crypto currencies and providing specific information about their market behaviour. Take a look at the graphs on the main page: the coins are filtered, the most significant indicators are displayed, the news comes out – things are happening!

What tools does BitScreener have to make this all possible?

  • Screening which is the filtration of crypto currencies depending on the set criteria.
  • Advanced Technical Analysis is a tool whereby adjustable parameters are price, daily volume, capitalization, and rating on the stock exchange. And also the productivity, age and order of the crypto coins;
  • Advanced technical analysis is built on three important indicators. This is a simple moving average, a Bollinger Band and an index of relative strength;
  • Constant updating of the information and its actualization from reliable sources, such as Bloomberg, Forbes, MarketWatch;
  • News filter: when you click on the currency marker on the screen, only news related to it will be displayed;
  • Overview of all the Crypto-currency on the main page, including Heatmap market and watch list.

We all have little time, right? Going to the main page of the resource, you first get lost from such a large number of indicators, but from the second approach everything becomes clear. The most popular news, tag cloud, reviews of events in the crypto sphere - everything is here, as in the social network. And since the Crypto currency is growing rapidly, I hope that the growth of this project will also be rapid.

RoadMap of the project

This map is quite eventful and has so far been developed before the end of 2019. For example, as early as in 2017, the app for iOS BitScreener was released, with more than 200,000 active users registered by the end of the year. Even during this period was formed the core – I mean the team, which we will talk about further.

In 2018, the application entered the TOP-100 financial apps in 30+ major countries. The start of the Tokens sale is scheduled for the end of June 2018. And at the end of 2019 you will be able to reap the benefits. Namely, the system will be presented in a new version, and its shares will be publicly placed on the stock exchange.

The project team

Undoubtedly, they are very talented guys, there is half of IT specialists among them, having experience in creating blockchain technology. Among the advisors there are people who previously advised Elastos, Zilliqa and other equally successful cyber projects.


BitScreener’s economy

However all the payments on this platform are made by token technology – here we deal with the BITX marker. Everyone who signs up on the platform and will distribute useful news, reviews, information about crypto-currencies, works for tokens. They are paid much faster, than at Bitcoin platform, in this your location is absolutely not important.

The total emissions will be 450 million tokens, which will be distributed as follows:

As you can see, 4% is allocated to Bounty - a very good fund for promotion. Another 15% will receive the team, but the future of the project is well provided by 30% of the reserve funds. And only 31% will be set out during the Open Sale (in other detachments up to 40%), which was launched in May, 2018.

What is the conclusion?

Perhaps you are interested in everything that happens in the market of crypto coins. Or you just hunt for one of them. BitScreener is good news for you anyway. This platform has excellent support and support, and in terms of news content is 100% free. Therefore, it is worth installing BitScreener App and following the news of the crypto currency market. This is evidenced by the fact that more than 50,000 active users visit the platform daily.

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