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In the recent years, the industry of eSports has advanced considerably, and we have witnessed a lot of major changes, for instance, the way we view such content as online and offline games. The number of eSports game spectators has reached millions of people worldwide, which at its turn triggered establishment of streaming services. According to statistics, there were about 323 mln spectators in 2016, and one year later, there were over 2 bln active players. The numbers impress!

What does it mean for the gaming sphere? Even the biggest media digital companies started providing services tailored for streaming and eGames broadcasting, while hardware manufacturers invent special products for powerful hosting and excellent user experience. However, the game communities exist separately: if you want to watch your favorite games, you need to subscribe on certain websites and make several payments - for each broadcaster. There’s no single eSports community platform, but Asura changes things.

What is Asura platform?

Being avid gamers and talented developers, the founders of Asura Coin have decided to establish a central hub that would unite the players’ communities from all over the world. Asura is the eSports environment where users can enjoy expert game tips, eSport-related news, forum conversations, videos, interesting events, streams, massive online game hosting, and a great betting system. There’s already a myriad of features available! The creators are tight-lipped about the initiative: they strive to make it a perfect place for gamers, eSports fans, and viewers.

Basic sections of Asura World platform include:

  1. eSports betting and streaming of games. Asura implements more eSports oriented betting strategy tailored specifically to online competitions.
  2. Professional tips and guidelines. Ranked users can publish posts and video-content with their recommendations to get rewarded.
  3. Matchmaking by the participants. You can make stakes against other users and win.
  4. Community center with the proprietary token (ASA). This is a system where users can communicate and interact.
  5. Tournament hosting. Some contributors can get tokens by providing their servers for event streaming.

Both free and paid materials will be available for users, as well as several ways to earn tokens, for instance, by providing servers for streaming tournaments or providing useful content. In the beginning, four popular games will be available on the platform including Dota 2 and Counter Strike. New games will be added down the road.

NEO Blockchain: Key to safety and transparency

The problem of modern eSports/betting and trading platforms is a loss of assets and unprocessed transactions caused by negligence or mistakes of third parties standing behind. Another issue is lack of normal regulations. What makes Asura different from other similar platforms is the fact it’s based on NEO blockchain system, which makes it a self-sustained environment. Being driven by ASA coin, an NEP-5-based token, it will be a provider where users can compete and communicate with each other in different ways. The rules leveraged on blockchain system will act as a protocol that maintains the safe running of the project.

Thanks to the blockchain, there’s no need of middlemen: the withdrawal procedure will stay secure and safe, and the assets won’t be snatched from under the nose of the rightful owners. Asura is 100% tamper-proof platform.

How can users benefit from Asura?

If you love watching eSports tournament and making bets, you should register in Asura and subscribe to your favorite gamers. There’s both paid and free content available. However, users can also obtain tokens – active and friendly contributors will be incentivized. What for?

  • Making betting, wagers and performing payment for subscriptions and content.
  • Participation in tournaments.
  • Providing your facilities for hosting.
  • Watching the video content from ranked players.
  • Sharing your own useful content.
  • Placing stakes against other users in matchmaking.

Besides, there’ll be monthly Asura World events participation in which allows winning coins. Therefore, Asura is a mutually beneficial platform for both contributors and viewers/players.

Bottom Line

Judging by the interest rate to the ICO, Asura Coin has a promising timeline and unique ideas being leveraged - investors should definitely pay attention to this project. It can be one of the biggest platforms uniting eSports fans and gamers. So if you’re fond of betting, or good in online games, this is your chance to join a quickly-growing community of soul mates and even make money on your hobby.

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