Crypto Collectibles presents ホエールトレイル for Inktober 2018 Day 12 Whale


A thing that used to occur on Steemit among some of the art  contests was one with the theme "Draw it Again", basically taking an  older drawing you did and re-draw it with techniques you may have  gained, lost, or changed.  See some example posts here.  People  should start those up again.  Last year during a Trial by Comics there  was a theme of "kaiju" and it just so happened to be during Inktober  with that day's theme being "trail", thus the first appearance post here of the ホエールトレイル.   It has now been re-drawn but I feel just as silly for having drawn it  in the first place as well as having re-drawn it again.  Yet this will  probably not be the last time I tackle this fart of a character and  trying to capture a super large element and draw tiny things around it  to get that scope right which I did not accomplish as intended and ended  up looking too too similar to the one I did originally.  Process pics  below.


The original image from last year:

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