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A study According to the Statis Group, the Crypto market is expected to grow by 2019% in 50 trading activities. In other words, Crypto lovers are expected to increase. In addition, current investors are expected to increase trading activity. From the beginning of 2018, the total Crypto market capitalization is at the current level of $ 500 million, which is slightly greater than $ 200 billion. During this period, Crypto prices have had a catastrophic impact on major digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monera, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP. For example, the XRP price is 70% at X value and the current $ 3.75 to $ 0.56 peak. Bitcoin, on the other hand, suffered the same fate and its value dropped from its highest of $ 20,000 to the current $ 6,506. Other Cryptos have also been lost in bulk to aggregate total market losses.
Despite poor performance and market insecurity, many investors see volatility as a normal market cycle, sometimes with alternating strengths and weaknesses due to external or internal factors. So there is optimism that the Crypto community will still make better money.

In the same study by the Statis Group, the report shows that the key challenge facing the Crypto market is how to safely store and trade cryptocurrencies. The assignment is a major concern, as well as individual investors, who are willing to invest in Cryptos in the 401 (k) plan or the Individual Retirement Account Plan (IRA). There are complications and security issues that slow down the growth of encryption transactions. However, the ongoing development of the Crypto Exchange with state-of-the-art Blockchain capabilities presents a challenge. In addition, government regulatory agencies such as the SRO, the French AMF and the US SEC are establishing policies designed to enhance security and facilitate transactions. For example, the US SEC will approve the Bitcoin ETF.

The report stated that the Cryptos are mature and stabilized as the knowledge base is passed from one side to the other. Also, investing in technology that the government monitors the Crypto market will lead digital assets into a new era of development. The study also shows that 10% of US equity trading volume is in Cryptocurrencies. In addition, the volume of digital assets trading will exceed the US corporate debt volume by the end of 2018 for the first time in history. Growth will last until 2028.

Bcnex Exchange is built on blockchain technology using best practises form high-performance web application development and experienced developers form the financial sector. Every API function is load tested for speed and reliability, and the platform is deployed with auto-scaling technologies.
A robust microservices architecture has been deployed with thousands of bots continually placing hundreds of orders per second ( which is faster than 99% of live exchanges as of the time of writing ), matching and executing hundreds of thousands of trade actions daily.

Bcnex Order Matching System ( BCOMS ) is a component that matches the buy and sells order of the exchanges. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with great precision. All buy/sell orders are stored in high-performance queues and system is designed to ensure data integrity with no losses of orders. BCOMS has low latency and flexible scalability, making it capable of handling up to 2,0000,000 trading orders per second. This makes Bcnex one of the fastest exchanges in the industry, eliminating common issues due to the overloaded system and clogged orders.

However, despite the proliferation of cryptocurrencies in recent years and the digital; assets market becoming somewhat mainstream, existing solutions remain limited. Current platforms can be grouped into two main types of exchanges: fiat exchanges, and pure cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges. Simplified fiat exchanges are characterized by poor rate offered to their customers and do little to educate their users. Full-featured cryptocurrency and digital assets exchanges, on the other hand, are too confusing for a beginner to use. Our development plan will focus on the latter. Although pure exchanges for cryptocurrencies and digital assets nowadays are a relatively small percentage, we strongly believe they will grow significantly in the near future, and that these exchanges will play an important role in the world financial market. Bcnex addresses issues of existing exchanges head-on offering users an optimal experience with advanced trading modes, excellent customer service, clear policies, and fully audited security standards.

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