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                         Hello everyone! 

                         Let's talk today with you about online games. I think that among the people living now on Earth, almost no one left who would not play any game on the computer, tablet and of course on the phone. Phone is probably the most affordable and popular way to touch the world of online games. Participate in group battles, plunge into another world.

                            This market is already striking in its scale, a lot of money is spent on game development. Here are just a few examples:

  1.  Grand Theft Auto IV – 110 Million $
  2.  Max Payne 3 -103 Million $
  3.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 200 Million $
  4.  Grand Theft Auto V – 265 Million $
  5.  Destiny – 500 Million $

                          It's just huge budgets that companies are willing to invest in the development and advertising of their offspring, as these budgets pay off in 3 or more times. And this is only part of the most expensive games. We are ready to spend budgets on the purchase of licensed games, often buy games from the hands of people who have already played and would like to sell a license disk.  

                            A special place in this world is online games, MMORPG, etc. That are built a little different scheme, but their development is spent not smaller budgets, and we buy licenses, but they spend much more budgets because it is a new world, where its own economy and its own laws. 

                              Most recently, I came across a report Digital Goods Report, which was made by employees of the Agency VGMarket and as well as the company, which is the developer of ideas for monetization of all known social services. networking PlaySpan. According to the report, 64% of respondents online games make at least one purchase per month and about 9% do it every day. These are simply unimaginable figures. According to the study, about 2,221 people aged 13 to 64 were interviewed. This survey was conducted in the United States, which showed-online games take about 23.7 hours a week for the average American. And at some it makes about 50 hours, imagine, some people, play more than work. 


                               For some people, it has become even more than just a game, some began to make money on it, arrange streams, sell games, keys, various interesting things in the form of mods, equipment and items. The game developers themselves saw this trend and deliberately develop virtual things, weapons, real estate that can not be purchased for in-game Finance, only for real money. Virtual games, it is currently a whole industry that is already working around the world. One of the sites that caught this trend was Steam. It annually spends tens, hundreds of millions of dollars to buy various items in the game and the games themselves. But as you know, the more the industry develops, the more problems can get out in the process of development. One of these problems is the increase in the number of fraud users when buying / selling assets on such platforms as Steam, etc. Due to the fact that this operation is not open and transparent. The second problem can be called the Commission for the operation of purchase / sale. Today we will talk about the project team which is ready to solve these problems and compete for users with major sites like Steam, etc., This project called - Orionix.


                               The project team consists of people who are very well aware of the key sectors of the online gaming industry, as well as people who are well versed in blockchain technologies: such as programmers, financial and legal consultants, and of course marketing specialists. The basis of the command is as follows: 

                                All the work of the platform will be aimed at ensuring that any user can freely own his account, safely and openly conduct transactions, without any commissions. That sounds like a very good idea to me. Let's see how this project and the team will cope with it, respectively. The main advantages and features of the platform include the following parameters: 

                                The project is currently selling their token ORX which will be used on the platform. With its help, it will be possible to sell/buy items, weapons, game real estate, etc.it can Also be used to transfer funds or withdraw through exchanges. if we talk about the details of Token Sale, it will last until November this year. The metric looks like this.  

                                The project team has already prescribed a road map to the middle of 2020. Set ambitious plans that are in principle achievable, we can only observe the development of the project and wish the team good luck. Project on my view an interesting. 

                                                                                   Conclusion:  The project looks attractive. At least in this niche, not so many projects have been created, and those that were, at the moment, either do not develop, or develop but very slowly. But with this idea, I can still remember one or two projects. In any case, let's see what happens, I wish the team only success and development. In any case, be sure to study all the information about the project, it will allow you to make the right decision and minimize possible risks. It's a pretty risky market, and the responsibility for the decisions lies only with you. I just bring information about projects that are interesting to me. Good luck to you, and the power of the great Bitcoin will come with you. 

                                 More information can be found on the official links, which I will leave below. 

                                 You can read the Whitepaper here: 

                               The official project channels: САЙТ  - FACEBOOK - TWITTER- TELEGRAM - BITCOINTALK - REDDIT - MEDIUM - YOUTUBE.

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