The Privix Network is a platform designed to use the blockchain technology to establish different networks that are based on products and services for worldwide Developers and Entrepreneurs. It’s a network created to provide full privacy and security for the platform participants of users. This will offer opportunities for Developers and Entrepreneurs to effectively operate on the decentralized Peer-to-peer (P2P) privix network in various creative processes. The Privix network has a lot of offers which can be used at any point in time without limit. The ecosystem guarantees users privacy, security and to be anonymous on the internet which has been a major challenge for internet users. The Privacy Network of Privix provides various categories of product which include the followings: Privix.CORE, Privix.CLI, Privix.DEPLOY, Privix.MAIL, Privix.CHAT and Privix.GATE.

The Privix.CORE is a decentralized blockchain platform which is based on VPN platform and supported by Blockchain and Masternode network. As a Virtual Network connection, it guarantees 100% privacy. It’s a P2P Virtual Private Network that helps to eliminate human interruption or third-party VPN. It’s comprised of two modes, the Browser extension proxy service and the complete VPN service which is created on master-node. This will allow your Computer system (PC) to be fully secure via the VPN service and in the same vein allow you to be anonymized. Your activities in the internet community will be completely secured and be private.
The Privix.CLI is a UNIX, which is a simple and lightweight software for the exit master node owners. The Software was developed to create a decentralized VPN for those who will be interested to use the browser extension and they will be paid via the master-node by getting peer to other clients across the globe.
The Privix.DEPLOY is a creative system for ease setting up a function of the master-node. The master-node is integral of the wallet features that have been deployed. Payment is determined by the market price which is related to the dollar and the payment is done per hour bases. It was built to enhance the massive adoption of VPN because of the vital functions of the master-nodes that it will be having in the network.
The Privix.Mail product of the Privix Network offers anonymous disposable email service that functions as end-to-end encode that is offered to a registered participant or user for a certain period. This service utilizes short-time seed address and it can be differentiated from the disposable email address which can transfer message to the basic email address and is always called Alias.

The Privix.CHAT is an excellent product of Privix and it is a secured messaging app that is utilized for communication to friends, business partners, family members and other means. Calling and messaging are end-to-end encoded and meticulously designed to keep your message or communication safe. It eliminates third-part having access to our conversation or message or track our calls.

Privix.GATE the last product I am going to talk about now. It is a portable VPN hardware router developed to keep our activities fully anonymous and protect on the internet. Privix.GATE is an advanced first-class technology which is highly useful for travellers.
As we can see the functionalities of this project from this write up that without being told is a great project indeed. The project is solving a lot of problems confronting our privacy and security as individuals and organizations. They have come to put lasting solutions to make the internet a better place to be for our daily activities. Privix service will be highly demanded across the world and on this note, investing in this project will be great. The privix has teams of expert that are working hard to ensured great success is achieved as earlier proposed by them. A lot of success has been achieved by the team and more are coming. Let support this team to make this dream a full reality.
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