The Nestree Messenger is a global platform developed base on blockchain technology to enhance a rewarding system and business integration. It is a community that will help non-crypto users or enthusiastic to have encounter and cryptocurrency without having first-hand knowledge trading. Nestree Messenger is built to cater toward community advancement and not just for a messenger, highly secured and worldwide form of a platform which is based on cryptocurrency to enrich the community with a lot of dynamic benefits. As a global platform, Know Your Customer (KYC) is very important for all users to do for security reasons and its private kay driven.
The major mission of the team of this project is to offer a global ecosystem platform that will be centred on the philosophy of rewards sharing of blockchain technology. The inspired to develop an advent platform for interactive community in which business and ecosystem thrive together and rewards each other irrespective of where you are in the globe or demographics.
Nestree Messenger is built with a unique approach unlike the traditional social and message platforms, when a channel activeness increase with rapid growth, the size of messages posted in the channel will also experience a drastic increase. There will a reduction of the channel’s capability to transmit information effectively as a result of an overcrowded message –feeds.

Nestree messenger has come to solve the main problem confronting social messaging platforms. The inadequate right to receive and send out particular information across to others is the major issue confronting social message platform. Because of those problems, Nestree has designed flawless features in their platform that will enable a large number of people across the globe to exchange information with easy and communicate without being open to information bellyful.

There are three major features which include the following:
1, Push Notification Filtering
This feature helps participants or users to select the only messages they need. It allows users in the community to disconnect from thousands or tens of users by disabling push notifications at the expenses of missing out from important information from the interactive community. One of the important information you can miss out from is the announcements from the channel moderator and also message from friends which could have to be a beneficially to you. Another message you could also miss out from is the information posted by common contributor members of the channel. In lure of these, Nestree has offered the following alternative to the platform for every user to have the option of disabling the push notification effectively.
 Receive messages from a specific user
 Notifications of admin messages
 Do not accept messages from specific users
 Notifications of friends’ messages
2, Admin Exclusive Chat
Often time, admins used to find challenging to make a very vital announcement on the channel as a result of a large huge number of users of the platform. There is a lot of information going to have everybody audience at the same time and an announcement can easily lose in the crowded chat rooms. This always happens when there is a dispute in the online and very important information gets lost in a line of messages flying into the chat room. Nestree has provided the solution to this problem by implementing a usual tool which is called Admin Exclusive chat in which moderators or operators can seize messages from other member or users from the chat at a period so they can make their announcements.
This tool helps admins to manage the chat effectively to have total control. It can also be used by the admins to control a heated argument in the chat rooms. Furthermore, Admin can instruct participants to make a suggestion or ask a question through the private chat and message the admin directly via the private message chat. Only grout chats are allowed in the channel. One to one chat is also available and positive. It helps to resolve an issue on the channel.
3, Multi-Notice Board
The moderators also need a system that will enable them to make a permanent or long-term announcement across the community users to read. It is a very vital announcement needs to pass across to every community and easy to keep track of previous announcements. Other existing platforms rendering messaging services are often only able to sign up one message at a particular time as a permanent announcement, always forcing moderator to strand a series of information into a single long block and this always makes it difficult for the community members to denote what contents have been added or change in the community.
Moderator can register and manager series of announcement within a channel in Nestree, even if the channel has a huge number of people or members, information transfer can be significantly increased. Whenever a new bulletin is added or registered in the community the participants can easily notice. It is also in the plan of the project that the multi-notification system will be expanded not to only display the announcements in the moderator’s bulletin board space but also in a space where constant content can be opened to the users directly.
This is a great project with great potential to transform the social messaging sector. Investing in this project will be great. The Initial Coin offering (ICO) will start very soon and you will be able to invest in the project.
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