The anchor is a blockchain platform built to maintain the world economic challenges of depreciation and volatility by offering stability and foreseeability. Anchor stable coin is the first stable coin designed to be pegged to the world economic growth to withstand the volatility of the market and high rising in prices of commodities. It was built to handle various systems that are comprised of the anchor token, the ecosystem’s money or currency, payment token, the Dock Token, a utility token that help stabilizes the system whenever there are volatility and inflation.

The Anchor stable coin team has proposed to create a unique stable coin that will meet the challenging of confronting the globe in term of volatility and the depreciation of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies. A lot of stable coins have promised to solve this problem since almost a decade and still there is the issue of losing assets to volatility and inflation across the globe that is why Anchor stable coin came to put lasting solutions to the problems.
Majority of the conventional or fiat currencies are still reducing in value and be deprived of purchasing power from one year to another. In another hand, the cryptocurrencies undergo alternations on a daily bases which make them unreliable for daily currency payment in real-world despite the existence of top stable coins that is ruling the globe market and this issue is best known to the Anchor stable coin.
The stable coins are supposed to be the power drive of massive adoption of the digital currencies across the world as the globe means of exchanges, but the reverse is the case. There are top 10 stable coins that are conventional currency-backed, concentrated or centralized coins showcasing the digital category of real-world assets. One of those tokenized fiats in the United State Dollar (USD) which makes these stable coins capable to maintain feebleness, alternations of the market, conventional fiat currencies depreciation and inflation. The upward movement of the market situation of recent time and the huge volume traded of stable coins have showcased that there is the moderate need for tokens that provide loner time price stability, scalability and liquidity, tending to hedge out inflation and volatility. The failure of the existing stable coins structures traceable to the inability to for them to anchor their stable coin to the non-volatile unit of value with a predictable growth run. For a coin to be stable this must be a top or core priority.

The Anchor system provides a distinctive solution that will solve the worldwide economic problems of inflation and Volatility by offering stability and foreseeability. They have proposed to solve these problems via the following two systems:
 The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) - a stabilization structure which is anchored on the two-token replica.
The Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU) is a representation of financial guide which is the most authentic accessible to control the worldwide economy’s growth run by using the Anchor’s proprietary algorithm for financial data from over 190 countries across the globe.
 The Anchor Token is anchored to the MMU through the stabilization structure which uses the two-token replica to algorithmically control the size of tokens inflows.
This project is a very important project to the world, in general, to solve the problems of volatility and inflation in our digital currencies trade to create massive adoption to the crypto community. Making this great innovation reality, the team needs our support either by investment through their Token Generation Event (TGE) which will be on August 14th 2019 or approaching them for partnership.

The bounty program is currently ongoing in the and you can join to promote this project online to create a lot of awareness for massive support.

The teams of this project are professional in the field of their endeavour and they are we able to make this project a success. You can visit their website for more info about the project. Investing in this project will be great.
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