Jur — Resolving Legal Disputes with the Help of Smart Contracts

Jur.io is a blockchain platform that will allow you to quickly resolve legal disputes with the help of smart contracts. The creators of Jur aim to create trust between the parties operating in the global economy.

Compared to classical jurisprudence, the procedure for resolving financial disputes at Jur is very simple. Both parties create a smart contract on the platform containing facts and evidence and contribute a controversial amount to its account. Further, the system of independent oracles of the platform considers the contract, and makes a decision by voting, during the day. Then the funds, minus a small commission of the platform, are automatically transferred to the account of the winning party.

For comparison: in classical arbitration, a dispute takes an average of six months to resolve, and the cost of legal services often reaches 50% of the amount of the disputed funds.

Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/jur-resolving-legal-disputes-with-the-help-of-smart-contracts-8df2a9988cde

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