We are waiting for Hardfork 17 to move forward with our business! How patient do we have to be?

Delegation is a functionality many investors waiting for. Communication has failed to give an accurate date for HF17 to become a reality. We are a patient company, but our investors would like to know an ETA for HF17 to be activated so GOLOS can move forward and we can move forward.


We support great ideas & delegate GP to for-profit projects when that becomes available. If you have a great project that needs GP to become profitable, we might be interested in investing in you in this way in full transparency with rapid dividends paid on daily or weekly basis. We do not support non-profit projects or stupid ideas that will never make us ROI.

Golos - An adventure

We look forward to be part of this adventure. Please forgive us for communicating only in english, I am sure we will get the language barriers eliminated as soon as HF17 works and we can move forward to investing in various GOLOS-Projects.

Wishing you all a good weekend


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Great news, wish HF happens as quickly as possible.

23.09.2017 05:47

Приветствую Вас и желаю успехов на платформе Голос!

В этой статье вы сможете найти ответы на большинство вопросов, возникающих у новичков. Также большую подборку ссылок на полезные материалы вы можете найти по этой ссылке
Оперативно получить помощь, вы можете присоединившись к нашему сообществу в Телеграм

Буду признателен, если расскажете, откуда Вы узнали о платформе Голос (ответьте цифрой):
1) увидел в Facebook
2) увидел в ВКонтакте
3) из поиска Google
4) из поиска Яндекс
5) из Steem
6) рассказал друг
7) другое (укажите в комментарии)

Чтобы быстрей освоится, присоединяйтесь к конкурсу для новичков, который идёт прямо сейчас!

23.09.2017 06:00

Thank you for your desire to make the GOLOS better!

23.09.2017 07:13

Well, few months at least, imo..
We all waiting for GP delegation be implemented

23.09.2017 07:34

Coinbank to the delegates. Vote or lose!

23.09.2017 07:52

I've supposed that CoinBank is just like some the Silent Bob

23.09.2017 07:52

Hey. The current situation for HF 0.2 (or 17) seems as following:

Right now we are awaitng for the last fixes in RC5 (that incudes changing the amount of allowed symbols in UIA to more than 6). As soon as those are done, 2 weeks of testing and bounty will be announced in order to speed things up a little.

Right after (in case no major bugs in the code are found), the final tag and the date will be announced. Ofcourse, that in the case that major bugs are found, we will have to release RC6 first and announce 2 weeks of testing and bounty for that version of the releases candidate.

23.09.2017 07:52

Рекомендую классного эксперта на голосе под ником onegin

30.09.2017 06:14

Thank you for your support of our posts!
My friends and I also waiting a new HF and new features of it ☺

23.09.2017 07:53


The hardfork is coming just after the asset name length refactoring is finished. (branch #177) Some of the witnesses have shown us the necessity of asset registration fee, but introducing fees on a 6 symbol size asset ticker is not an option. So we have decided to increase the asset name size up to 16 symbols, which means great refactoring.

23.09.2017 08:54

welcome to the common telegram chat of the team, delegates and community


23.09.2017 09:13

Yes, we are all waiting for delegation so we can stop creating all these centralized communities and can work on our own names more here.

23.09.2017 10:29

Hi @coinbank!

My name is Artem Eyskov. I run 2 most successful for-profit projects in Golos: @golosmedia and @econmag. I also start @izbrannoe (“favorites” in russian) recently and make money from it too. My goal is to create and manage a net of professional media outlets in Golos blockchain.

I can borrow all your Golos Power or part of it right now, before HF17. It’s possible with some voting bots. You’ll make profit before HF17 and your investors will be happy.

Plz mail me your offer to artem@eyskov.com or contact me in Telegram messenger artemeyskov. Thx.

23.09.2017 16:52

Way to go @coinbank!

23.09.2017 20:54

OMG, you can talk!:)

Thanks for your support @coinbank. It's very important, especially for newbies.

24.09.2017 10:38

@coinbank, Поздравляю!
Ваш пост был упомянут в моем хит-параде в следующей категории:

  • Выплаты - 10 позицию - 1090,2920 GBG
25.09.2017 06:28

Out of curiosity,
With such a big stake, you are a big player in this realm. Are you going to run something more than just delegated GP service?

27.09.2017 20:26


30.09.2017 13:42

Рекомендую классного эксперта на голосе под ником onegin

04.10.2017 13:31

Hey there @coinbank
Please take a look at my post about Minnowbooster looking for investors to come to Golos blockchain.
If you are interested in helping bringing MB to Golos let me know!

07.10.2017 02:21


08.10.2017 14:58

We are all waiting for...

08.10.2017 20:23

@coinbank I want to offer you the role of the Jury!

09.10.2017 09:48

Comment follow. And thank you for your support:)

10.10.2017 07:53

Thank you for your desire to make the GOLOS better 😊

11.10.2017 07:56

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12.10.2017 10:04

Thank You for likes)

13.10.2017 11:06