Each Golos can be worth $100 - But YOU the reader will not experience it if you do not know how GOLOS was designed!

Bittrex was thinking about de-listing GOLOS when we started buying it up from 1 dollar cent up to 10 cent to save it from its own destruction.

So when some 76-reputation circle-jerker accuse @Coinbank for being destructive to GOLOS, they do not know their history!

However, right now we vote a little bit on everyone, we are like a faucet that gives out indiscriminately upvotes to most users to spread the golos and gbg tokens around to more and more people This is the winning formula, give everyone a little, give the best ones what they deserve but always think and do what is the best for the majority users, because without the majority users we could all just go home and call it another failure.


What Coinbank supports:

  • Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!
  • Linear Rewards similar to the one used by STEEM!
  • GolosPower delegation - Like the one used by STEEM!
  • No Limits for length of comment-threads.
  • Scalable PowerDown & 10 Week PowerDown instead of Default 20 Week.
  • Golos Blockchain Gold (GBG) Should be pegged to the Russian RUBLE or European EURO or even the US Dollar in order to make more sense for investors and users. We believe that GBG was miscalculated from the beginning and we support a drastic change to the GBG to correct the mistake.
  • Free Account Creation - Like STEEM is about to implement in their 20th HardFork where users POW-mine their own account-name, a process that for the user can take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. This remove the liability in increasing the userbase by paying or subsidising new accounts and will enable it possible to spend capital on mass marketing.
  • Extra optional Time-Lock protection on capital-accounts where a personal password from the owner authority makes it impossible for the active authority to execute instant transactions but set a time-delay for each main transaction (sending tokens, vote or unvote witnesses) if the active authority is being managed by a subordinary.

    What Coinbank is against:

  • Centralized off-chain communities
  • Circlejerking dolphins and small whale-accounts voting for the same circle again and again keeping new people out - We will soon start flagging such behaviour and their friends, take this as an early warning!
  • Stupid Ideas in general, evil people, thieves, scammers, shady characters, small mafias and broccoli.
  • Solutions that only benefits the few
  • Active Golos-People who vote for less than 200 authors per day (Nobody upvotes more people currently then we do)
  • The economical structures in Socialism, Communism, Marks & Maoism, Islam, Zionism and National Socialism.
  • The Soviet Union / USSR mentality, you guys should really check your entire history.
  • Bad Music!

CoinBank is online 24/7 365 with representatives on SteemSpeak.com

Come and Join Us!



Comments 140

Your work is good )
In Russia, too, there are idiots...

04.11.2017 16:57

Idiots everywhere enough!! :))

04.11.2017 17:12

и не поспоришь :)

04.11.2017 17:16

Team of Golos maybe a little idiots. Need reports about progress of Golos.

04.11.2017 18:03

Нужны не отчёты, а реальные практические действия. Чиновники (кем и являются основатели Голоса) очень хорошо умеют отчитываться и дербанить электорат. По-хорошему они не понимают - только силой, наращиванием которой и занимается коинбанк.

05.11.2017 06:31

Отчеты тоже нужны. Интересно услышать какая работа была проделана в последние месяцы. Когда я начал писать про хардфорк они вдруг зашевелились и накатали целый пост. А может быть просто совпало)) Всё равно отчеты необходимы.

05.11.2017 16:22

@investigator, Well, The future of GOLOS will be better then its PAST, that I can assure the majority of Users & Investors. We will have to DESTROY some communities of collusion, that is needed in order to make the GOLOS blockchain a Great place to Join.

FYI: I am not talking about GOLOS.IO which is a website... This website sucks anyway - What I am talking about is how centralized off-the-chain communities has circle-jerked so hard that their reputation level is through the roof. (All reputation level above 70 is questionable and some of those accounts may be put on military bots that will neutralize the upvotes they get from their fellow dolphins and small whale accounts in order to bring the Rewards back into the Reward-Pool so that not the same people or shady projects are being upvoted and financed like that on behalf of the reward-pool that WE ALL CO-OWN! Rewards that should benefit YOU or HIM and EVERYONE without any commitment then to join GOLOS and build yourself an audience of real people who reward you for the quality you deliver, instead of shitposters who get upvotes for free because they belong to a "secret telegram group", lol - the screenshots and translations I have seen some of these collusion-whales and dolphins talk about, holly FUCK they should be afraid for their GOLOS-Future, because soon they will not make even empty bottles around here anymore.

Out with the BAD WHALES/DOLPHIN clubs - In with the NEW, GOOD & Extraordinary HUMANS that we all can upvote or downvote as we please!

When we have destroyed those pools where corruption is made, you will all be better off, and feel free to express yourself without anyone oppressing like we have seen from screenshots and documents from some of these "secret meetings" in telegram.

They may be able to fool themselves and some users, but they cannot fool me and my team of extremely high skilled tech, finance and blockchain people. We will make sure to do the job right and clear the space for the best developers and the best blockchain updates to be implemented and not stupid script-kiddy solutions because someone went on an EGO trip and decided to not do what was agreed upon in the ICO in regards of Golos & Steem development working for the benefits of each other FOR the integrity of the BLOCKCHAIN! In other words - We do not want amateurs to run things, and we are done waiting! We can easily replace them with a better team, or simply use some of STEEM Forks with minimal adjustments to get rid of this shitcoin-feeling I get every time I look at Golos Github. It fucking sucks over there, and It is fucking STUCK over there!

To see this guy say the shit he said on SteemFest that "they" decided to go in "their" own direction with GOLOS instead of sticking to the AGREEMENT of the ICO! - That is a DEALBREAKER for us and therefore we must show our opinion and Fight this dangerous and stupid "we will walk alone" policy made by a MINORITY of not-so-business-savvy cyber.fund people who have never been able to make a real functioning system on their own damn website over at http://cyber.fund << Look how shitty that shit is, and I know, because I have over 200 portfolios over there that I am overseeing for an enormous network of long-term, mid-term & Market Makers associations that only exist outside on the exchanges, where we control major markets and with bitcoin-power and the fact that "we" have already vacuum cleaned the bottom of almost every coin on the top 100 list you can imagine what can be done once GOLOS becomes a GREAT BLOCKCHAIN. It currently is NOT. It was supposed to be something GREAT, but unfortunately - here we are... still.... in 2017 without the power to delegate GolosPower to supporting accounts a function that is completely necessary to build Businesses on the Golos Blockchain. GolosPower is like Electricity, without it your business is worthless for the rest of the world.

We cannot trust an "establishment" who break promises and "drift away to do their own stuff" when they surely have a COMMITMENT to all of us who CO-OWN this BLOCKCHAIN. "They" cannot just trump through with idiotic ideas (because of incompetence of course) and make a spaghetti mess of everything GOLOS was, IS and Will be.

All Destructive Forces Must be Eliminated Brutally and effectively, especially dumb ideas that are only designed to serve the few at the cost of the many.

The incompetent developers and incompetent middlemen must be NUKED out of GOLOS and allow for REAL developers with Competence from STEEM & Real Professional Programmers at work instead of supporting idiots who don't know the difference between a script-language and a programming-language.

We are going to put everyone to the test, weigh them up on the scale of balances and either keep them or throw them away until they have finished freecodecamp at least, and make sure to be in touch with the CO-OWNERS of this environment. Don't worry - Good Changes will be made. Once the bad, slow, incompetent and in-the-way people are cut off developing on our blockchain (are they joking with us, if that is the case - I can have a HF done within two weeks with a better team with more competence specially on Graphene, ChainBase, MongoDB and all the other important things a GOLOS BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER must be able to succeed on, and success is measured in accomplishments, in which GOLOS has NONE. So We don't need to think of "the golos team" as anything but a "meh-team" - FUCK INCOMPETENT DEVELOPERS & FUCK INCOMPETENT LEADERS WHO CANNOT PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTONS TO GET THINGS DONE CORRECT AND RIGHT AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT THE MAJORITY INVESTORS HAVE AGREED UPON, THE ICO AGREEMENT!

Here you can see for yourself - @sergejandmyself or whatever his accountname is at SteemFest - making an ASS of himself and the entire GOLOS project by saying shit like: "We started with agreement to work with Steem dev team, but then.... we decided to do our own thing"

When HE say "they" decided to go and do their own thing, I see that as a betrayal and a deal break that must be corrected!

HE does NOT speak on behalf of the Majority Golos Power Holders, "THEY" do NOT represent the agreement everyone met on when GOLOS went ICO, and Investors started to Invest!

In fact - HE is in this matter only representing a little group that he works and get paid by called golos.fund who apparently don't care about committing to promises made before 600 Bitcoins went into securing the beginning of GOLOS, now it seems like they are in a hurry to MacGyver a quick solution together with duct tape and bubblegum wires picking up ancient technology and puzzle it together to see if it works.... And of course it don't work.


And EXTREMELY UNDER-QUALIFIED for what they "think" they are in charge of

So We Will Make sure to Keep Reminding "them" that they do not OWN this Blockchain - they are only co-owners of it, and if they cannot do the job right, we simply must FIRE THEM and replace them with Blockchain Developers who does not fuck up the technicals, are competent enough to quickly fix the many issues and bugs that this current version of the blockchain has and DO THE RIGHT THING!

If they don't do what they are supposed to do - we will not support them anymore.

We are fighting against TIME here - that is what happens when an INCOMPETENT leadership tries to lead an INCOMPETENT development team - Their Job is to make GOLOS STRONG & FAIR AND UP TO DATE AND AT PAIR AT LEAST with STEEM!

We cannot accept that incompetent people are in charge and incompetent people steal our time by not accomplishing what they need to accomplish!

I hope a lot of people read this, because I am completely serious! Enough bullshit development and joke-forks and lazy communication with the INVESTORS & the USERS of this Blockchain!

They said they launched it as an experiment - well, this experiment has a whole lot of NEW OWNERS and the NEW OWNERS do not go along with THEIR VISIONS!

The only reason GOLOS exist today is because of the investors in @coinbank and friends saving GOLOS from destruction & de-listing by putting REAL LIQUIDITY into the Market and sent the price up 1,000% or 10X from $0.01 to $0.10 which is almost like a joke-price, but that is how shitty it used to be, sell sell sell every day and no liquidity on the market.

So @investigator, you don't worry - Every day we buy up more and more GOLOS from weak hands and quick selling shitposters upvoted by circlejerking, and very soon that shit is going to get destroyed by lethal downvotes from more competent and clear minded investors who also will join Team GOOD because it is in EVERYONE of us legit peoples best interest to have GOLOS the way it is supposed to be, and not the way "they" want to do it "differently" - excuses for incompetence, proven by the incapability to deliver even a simple thing as Golos Power delegation! I mean, Come the FUCK on! People want to have their capital golos account safe and delegate their power to their user-account. Yet "they" also want to keep everything as it is now, with the same reward-curve and the same amount of 40 votes per day when most people don't even vote for more people then their own post, and maybe a few others... Why not just have 1 Full upvote per day with 40X more power to it? your $0.01 vote would become a $0.40 vote, or with the slider you can upvote with 50% power or 25% power or whatever you want instead of this 40 votes per day nonsense, a relic from the time were I'm sure they just took a number out of the blue to put something in there... The fact of the matter is that all our accounts gain up to 100% votepower, and if a user wants to spend all of that in a mega-upvote that will take a week to build up again, then why not - these numbers of X votes per day is just dumb, it is all about GolosPower+VotePower+TimeOfVote that determines what an account can give to another account and those metrics could simply be two bars showing users how much voting-power % they have, and how much Upvote or Downvote % they want to spend. Spend it all if you want, put it all in one big mega-vote from time to time for all I care, But... that is for another discussion with other people about the future of Golos Blockchain.

Either the current team do the right thing and continue the path everyone agreed upon at the ICO, or the current team can find work elsewhere and build their own fantasy-chain without being a liability for the 80,000 rest of us and the majority of investors.

If GOLOS, Cyber.fund and golos.fund are all incompetent then they need to allow competent engineers to come in and take over to satisfy the investors who determines if GOLOS has a future or not.

Idiots must leave so that people of knowledge and understanding can do the job right!

Nobody wants GOLOS to become a failed project... well, maybe someone - but those people are not going to WIN, because we will stand up against Internal and External enemies of Golos Blockchain Integrity & Investor & Development agreement with STEEM and if we do not get what has been agreed upon, we can fork the chain ourselves even splitting away from cryber.fund leaving them behind with a shit blockchain, no users, no investors while we move forward with awesome blockchain, plenty of investors and all the users!

What I like about GOLOS is that no matter what - We Will Win - That is determined simply by protecting the investment and always put the BLOCKCHAIN & ALL THE PEOPLES INTEREST as the #1 Priority. And then we can keep upgrading and keep working with solid people instead of these jackasses who I wont even trust even know to sit the right way on a toilet seat after all the shit I have had to see from people all over GOLOS from Poor to Rich explaining what kinds of shit that has been going on behind the scenes and allowed by the community to take place because everyone is afraid to use their DOWNVOTE POWER when it is due!

So, very soon you will see that the largest payout posts on the trending-list will be flagged down to a much lower level which push the rewards back into the system so that more people can compete for them.

It was done on STEEM once, codename "the experiment" or "the whale experiment" and we know from the results of that how effective it was and how breaking those circles liberated everyone on STEEM and made the average user happier, and suddenly his upvote was worth something too after the whales upvotes were downvoted by @abit and @smooth. You can expect to see the same thing on GOLOS soon, because I doubt the little dolphins and the little whales will stop doing this despicable "gaming of the reward pool" so that only a handful of beneficiaries are rewarded and everyone else suffers because they don't know how this system works and how to game it. Luckily my team knows exactly how GOLOS works, and every single bits and piece of how to game it in platform destructive ways, and it is probably about time to make them cry.

I love to listen to scammers cry, and I love to read about scammers die. And in my book, when a small group of citizens collude against the rest of the country (GOLOS BLOCKCHAIN in this case) to Rockefeller or Rothschild their ways, that is fucking criminal in my book. If any of the people who work for me does anything like that, I'll fire them on the spot, remove all their privileges and luxuries and throw them out on the street while telling everyone why I did what I had to do!


Then we win, and we can have a REAL GOLOS FEST, and not in Russia or Ukraine, but somewhere nice, warm and luxurious because GOLOS broke free from the shackles that held it down, the incompetent and the criminal minds and the low-life scum that just go along with it because he has no integrity.

I am looking for FRIENDS of the REAL GOLOS to make themselves known to me, and I shall surely put them to work and they shall surely be rewarded for it!

It is the TEAM WORK that makes the DREAM WORK, but right now.... All I see is a TeamDream and unfortunately no real dedication or any real progress.

I wonder how far we will have to take it, I kind of hope that the bad apples around here take the hint and stop the evil they are doing and start doing what they should have done all along - Make Golos GREAT!

Golos has never been GREAT, it failed miserably first in the marketplace, and then in the development process, and even after we have balanced the GOLOS Market-Economy to a higher sustainable level, We still do not detect any changes in the destructive behaviour and as a result people grow tired, leave, forget, move on, and that is not how it is supposed to be.

We are going to do the right thing with the right people by our sides who want the same thing, ONE GREAT GOLOS, Balanced, Cleaned up, Upgraded, Business-Friendly, Modern - and not like Bitshares... a left alone project that practically has nothing we want or need. All the people I represent want Freedom, Fairness and more rapid progress in development.

Everyone is DONE waiting for something to happen, the DEMAND is now to go in and MAKE things happen - because that is what the investors and the users wants, that is what they signed up for - and That is what our main job is to see to that promises are being kept and progress has milestones and deadlines in development so we FINALLY can start using this blockchain instead of waiting for something that may never come.

Golos will be GREAT soon - You will see! - Power Up and you do not worry, the Big Boys has arrived and we know a thing or two about this landscape ;)

Happy Saturday to you and good wishes for you and your family for the future!

05.11.2017 01:53

And why dont you add all corruptors to a black - list before? They have guaranteed whale upvotes and without yours.
They creates special accounts for circle upvoting and they have more then 30% of whole prize pull.
They grow from month to month despite our struggle with it.

05.11.2017 04:42

As you understand, square calculation lead to the situation that the corruptors earn much more with your upvotes than those, who really need it.
You can change significantly situation only to add to black list all token-laundaries and their promoters!

05.11.2017 04:58
  1. Please allow GOLOS price to go down a bit so a new investors could join.
  2. I came to the golos at the end of September and I immediately saw the Golos development is not done right. In such a system we have a closed-team of developers who does not communicate publicly, instead they working in an office. Golos is a decentralized system so it must encourage new developers join the project freely and openly. The good examples of what like golos development is should be is a Linux Kernel or PostgreSQL projects.
  3. Golos lacks the documentation right now. Developers documentation at https://developers.golos.io is very poor and outdated. Documentation at the github is just nonce. The wiki at https://wiki.golos.io is not being maintained well. It is not managed by a community, there are one man on salary who occasionally edits it, but it is far from enough. Instead of editing wiki golos users just writes technical posts in their blogs because they know they'll get a good reward for it. There are no rewards for editing wiki either so nobody wants to edit it! Whether I had a Golos Power like @coinbank, I'd immediately started a "wiki support project" by upvoting "wiki edits report" posts of contributors. This is something like steem's http://utopian.io project.

I wrote an article in Russian about these problems and I got almost nothing feedback from "golos teams". I proposed to start "wiki support bounty" but they ignored it. Maybe your voice will be louder?

05.11.2017 07:34

@coinbank The legendary Quinn group. adore!!!

04.11.2017 16:58


04.11.2017 17:27

@coinbank Thank you !

04.11.2017 16:58

Это за все хорошее и против всего плохого?

04.11.2017 17:00

Это вместе мухи и котлеты)))

04.11.2017 20:10

@coinbank many thanks!

04.11.2017 17:01

Dont forget tea and honey

04.11.2017 17:02

@coinbank Thank you !

04.11.2017 17:02

I agree with you on all points except this:

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!

Is it a joke?

04.11.2017 17:02

@alenevaa I don't think so)) He probably got high and accidentally wrote this without studying the Russian Criminal Code)))

04.11.2017 21:16

If this is not a joke, they are crazy.)

04.11.2017 21:38

Come on, they are just a bunch of geeks and innocent stoners who got rich thanks to this crypto currency hype, that's fine with me)))

04.11.2017 21:49

You've made my day with the slang 'innocent stoner'. I'm really learning English with you. Thank you! :)

04.11.2017 21:58

@alenevaa Glad to hear that! I'm actually writing a post on this shit for my #betterenglish column. It's time to add some marijuana related vocabulary))))

04.11.2017 22:03

I'm sure it will be very interesting to read.
Please, use more jokes! ))

04.11.2017 22:10

I'll try my best))

04.11.2017 22:13

I agree with you on all points except this:

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!
Is it a joke?

Yes it was meant as a little "joke" - BUT ;) It would be great to end the drug-wars and free up those liabilities and invent something better then a "war" that does not work anyway, lol.

It is so dumb wasting our taxes on a war that claim more lives and uproar and conflicts then it solves.

There is enough Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium in this world to fill up every hospital with extracts and fill the shelves in the stores with ointments and different strengths products.

Marijuana has already been legalized somewhere on every continent and more countries are just giving up the dumb fight and allowing citizens to use it for medicinal to whatever they want to use it for... Nobody has ever died or become stupid or destroyed in their head for using Marijuana in any way shape or form, and it is so cheap and quick to grow that soon nobody will stand up against it anymore, the only reason people feel paranoid from using cannabis is in countries where it is illegal and because of that they may let their mind worry about police being everywhere, and they "freak out" because ... nobody really wants to get in trouble. However, fear is just an illusion, fear is not real. Danger is real, but Fear is a choice.

I live in Perú, the Cocaine Capital of the World.... What do we use Cocaine for in Perú? we use it for two things, 2% cocaine-based toothpaste that will numb your tooth ache/dental pain and suffering.. Just a toothpaste, but a very effective one. I love mine 100% legal 2% cocain based toothpaste when my wisdom tooth is giving me a hard time.

Another thing Cocaine is used for in Perú is for local anesthetic, just a little tube with a cream that contains 5% cocaine in it and you use it to remove the feeling of pain if you have cut yourself or hurt yourself or burned yourself. This cream is awesome for those things. Of course, in other countries Cocaine has been sold as a Wall Street drug with famous people snorting it up their nose, here in Perú we look at those people as stupid druggies who just think that cocaine is supposed to be like that, but that is not true, that is just a way the drug pushers sell it so that people will buy it and feel rushed in their head for 10 minutes... In Perú we just shake our heads with those people, we think they are lost in their minds, but that is just most of our opinions.

Opium/Morphine is something everyone need from time to time, not as a drug for fun, but a medicine for extreme pains and such...

Every Country in my opinion should have all these products available for their citizens administrated in a good way to ease the lives of those that need it instead of right now when fake medicine / pseudo scientific half researched snake-oil-poison that is being distributed to patients instead of real medicine.

I am all for progress and more research and development, but I am against laws that ban drug-trafficing, because those laws has only filled up prisons around the world with people while at the same time anyone anywhere in the world has access to black market cocaine, cannabis and morphine anyway so the war on drugs has failed, yet for some dumb reason the world are still at war with drug traffickers and that is profitable for the Military who get to seize the contrabands and maybe shoot some people and then the Military themselves pick up the cargo and sell it off to someone else and keep the profits in their own corrupt pockets. We don't need that system to continue in order to have a nice, safe and stable world.

There is only "mad profits" in these drugs as long as they are illegal in your country... Once they become legalized or decriminalized or the city authorities stop giving a shit about it and allow normal market conditions to rule, the price of all these products will come down to a rational very affordable level, and scientific experiments done on lab-mice proves that a society that have access to everything it needs when it needs it suffer zero addiction problems.

Addiction is for the most part "that terrible idea of running out of ... anything"

If you have access to everything when you need it at normal prices the addiction factor disappear naturally and soon people have forgotten about all the stress, fear, paranoia, you know... feelings that the brain creates, like when there is 5 minutes until the shop closes and you are really hungry and in your car your brain keeps telling "you aint gonna make it, they gonna close before you arrives" you know - food addiction or gluttonous experience the same thing, the gluttonous has created his own food addiction because his brain has not been convinced that it will get food the next day, so the big fat man or woman eats like there is no tomorrow, and drug users in countries where it is banned suffer the exact same thing - the fear of not getting their drug tomorrow". and the "fear of getting in trouble" hunts them all in the subconscious mind.

Anyways... we just wanted to use it as a conversation starter ;) The War on Drugs is stupid in 2017 with so much data from research and science proving how these patterns are the same in everything.

It is the same feeling parents get when they suddenly worry about their children.... A feeling of "lost control"

I don't use much drugs, but if I want to - I have all the options available for me at fair prices and delivered to my door in an hour whatever I want, and I have tried everything... except stupidly dangerous extracts like Heroin and Devils Breath... There is no logical reason why I should ever find myself in a situation where any of those drugs would benefit me more than normal morphine in different strengths and we all know we must handle those extracts with care, because they are very strong, effective and deadly if you self-administer wrong and overdose, but that usually never happens with legal products on the legal market.

Even on Iceland and Greenland you can get these drugs on the black market, the most remote places in the world has them for sale - so we must agree that the war against drugs has not only failed, but it has also corrupted those who set out to fight it and they have themselves become guilty of facilitating the trafficking splitting what they gain on it between each other, a system that had a purpose based on fake facts all intended to keep the black market lucrative for the few who are allowed to benefit financially from it, and a problem for all our societies who now exist in the state of double morale, supporting a system - pretending it is a good thing - and yet wonder why drugs are available everywhere anyway...

The World is full of illusions, seek out the debts of all truths leads to knowledge about something we believed we knew until we really found out what deception and illusion that was put in front of us to educate us about these things in a very indoctrinated way, classroom full of children forced in school to learn about how to be Rich and Powerful? no - forced into school to be formed and shaped into obedience and disobedience while being forced to listen to the mantra about going to university, adapt completely into darwinism and spend 4-6 years studying or paying with borrowed money the privilege to learn on your own whatever you want as long as you don't challenge the status quo or the believe-system of the professors who all work for very little money in a very big building where every student is charged with the liabilities and at the end of this little trip to the unemployment line the student has learned a bitter lesson, those student loans must be paid back and he cannot believe how much money University has cost him... And they did not even teach him how to become RICH and POWERFUL there...

Indoctrination is a business, it truly is a business in creating illusions that young people and children believe in until they realize they have been fooled, their diplomas are worth nothing on the job-market anymore as too many institutions passed too many students and gave too many students diplomas showing most of them wasted too much money when they could have dropped out of school a long time ago and learned everything on their own using the Internet, finding something they are good at and they like doing and build up a profession around that instead of working at a coffeeshop part time while hoping for a real job to be able to pay off a mountain of money to the bank they now work as a slave for out in the world just to get back to ZERO.

I think a lot of things of old will have to change in this age of new. But in all things put before us, we should remain skeptical until we have ALL the facts on the table, and since we are on the topic of the drug-wars.... Do we have all the facts on the table? Or have the facts been replaced with false doctrines and illusions to keep as many of us as possible in the dark... When there is money involved and no transparency about it... When there also is weapons involved and no transparency about that too... And when we all know that everything you want from a bag of weed to nuclear weapons are bought and sold every day without transparency as well, then it is time to make new drafts and solve the problem in a way that has not been really done before.

05.11.2017 04:21

Наконец то появиться свобода слова на голосе!
Считаю это большим шагом вперед
За пост о легализации я получал флаги на голосе и благодарность на стимите! Нет логики))

16.11.2017 15:24

Is must be a joke?

05.11.2017 16:34

Так, кто тут английский хорошо знает, переведите в двух словах

04.11.2017 17:02

Так гугл переводчик есть же. @carpe-diem

04.11.2017 17:05

Да, уже воспользовался

04.11.2017 17:09

@coinbank, Know how to do everything better ... Fredi Mercury, a cool actor (((. I love his compositions.

04.11.2017 17:03

Legalizing Marijuana nice to hear!)

04.11.2017 17:04

Да, лучше бы легализовали траву и запретили крепкий алгоголь и никотин.

04.11.2017 23:04

@coinbank I would very much like the situation to change in a good way.

04.11.2017 17:04

Hello, thank you for your work. All users voice waiting for improvements, but we can't affect the team because of low impact. I hope you will be able to influence the improvement of our platform! I think many of you will support.

04.11.2017 17:06

@Coinbank you do great job! Thanx!

04.11.2017 17:06

Absolutely agree. In addition I would like to have such an opportunity as transfer vote power betveen accounts. Sorry for my English.

04.11.2017 17:07

If you legalize and sell marijuana for GBG, then the price will soar immediately. :)

04.11.2017 17:09

Thank you

04.11.2017 17:10

when will you vote for me? my dumplings are more delicious

04.11.2017 17:13


04.11.2017 18:51

@coinbank Thank you !

04.11.2017 17:14

@coinbank Many thanks!

04.11.2017 17:21

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium

All the rest is in order. Thank you for your help (google translate was used)!

04.11.2017 17:24

@coinbank Thank you for your voice and also have shared

04.11.2017 17:28

@coinbank it's not bad music, I hope 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

04.11.2017 17:35

@coinbank Thank you !!!

04.11.2017 17:41

thank you for your work @coinbank.

04.11.2017 18:04

04.11.2017 18:19

You don't like the economic system of socialism and communism, but you are urged to vote for everyone, without regard to content quality? You are not consistent.

04.11.2017 18:24

Bittrex was thinking about de-listing GOLOS when we started buying it up from 1 dollar cent up to 10 cent to save it from its own destruction.

I didn't know about it... Respect.

04.11.2017 18:30

You are so right - the token should not be kept in one hand, but distributed. As many people as possible should use the token, and this is impossible in conditions of closed circulation.
My special respect for the broccoli. I like your sense of humor, Fyrstikken :)

04.11.2017 18:49

Linear Rewards similar to the one used by STEEM!


GolosPower delegation - Like the one used by STEEM!

yes! Good thing.

No Limits for length of comment-threads.


Centralized off-chain communities

50/50 stupid off chain system.

Circlejerking dolphins and small whale-accounts voting for the same circle again and again keeping new people out - We will soon start flagging such behaviour and their friends, take this as an early warning!

Good idea!

The economical structures in Socialism, Communism, Marks & Maoism, Islam, Zionism and National Socialism.

yep. agree.

The Soviet Union / USSR mentality, you guys should really check your entire history.

it's problem. Some people from 'dark ages' come to build old soviet-like structures.

04.11.2017 18:50

@arturio777, вот вы критикуете всячески 50/50, а сами-то чем заняты? В вашем кошельке только и есть это вознаграждение))) да и в этом посте /ru--temanedeli/@arturio777/tema-nedeli-pro-50-na-50-plyusy-i-minusy
откровенно осуждаете @coinbank за поддержку.... При этом сами более чем активно участвуете в этой "плохой" программе, и получаете выплаты. Не нравится программа - не апайте, игнорируйте. Это же дело каждого!

04.11.2017 20:55

Странная претензия. Что означает "более чем активно", если я вставил тэг всего один раз? Врать не надо. А что апать или не апать каждый решает самостоятельно.

04.11.2017 21:46

А в чём странность-то моей претензии?
Я так и написал - если лично Вам не нравится эта программа, то почему же лично Вы более чем активно в нём участвуете, имея в виду, что довольно часто апаете того же ненавистного вами создателя 50/50 @siberianshamen и в недавнем посту осудили @coinbank за активную поддержку 50/50. А сейчас выражаете солидарность и поддержку коинбанку - ну нет логики никакой!

04.11.2017 22:03

The Soviet Union / USSR mentality, you guys should really check your entire history.

it's problem. Some people from 'dark ages' come to build old soviet-like structures.

That is why we are going to put a massive capitalistic pressure against those of that mentality. Make no mistake, our team will blast away any competition that support stupid ideas and collusion.

We have not saved this blockchain from market-destruction to see it fall into the same hands as we bought it from.

@coinbank is owned by investors from 43 different countries and managed by @fyrstikken from his headquarters at http://steemspeak.com which is a Steem & Golos Discord with a 24/7 active voice-community. @fyrstikken spends 17 hours of his day answering people from all over STEEM & GOLOS with Blockchain-Wisdom from eight years of Bitcoin & Blockchain developments ( @fyrstikken got into Bitcoin in March/April 2009) and has a vast network of market makers who work in all major markets on @Bittrex & @Poloniex using specialized software that he brought out to the mass-markets by angel-investing in projects that moved the crypto-markets from being low volume low frequency trading to become the highest form of high frequency 24/7 trading the world has never seen before.

@fyrstikken was the first person to fund and completely build a functioning coin swap/CXC embedded desktop-app called a "Cash Register for Cryptocurrency" and by doing so showing the way for other developers to build new exchange-ways for cryptocurrencies. The shit you take for granted today, he designed back then.

@fyrstikken was the first person to break the forces of @bittrex with the share power of his network of operative quatloo-traders given to the masses giving the most powerful tool ever made in the hands of everyone to learn how to properly market-make, and you can always ask him public on SteemSpeak Voice Chat anything.

Many people can say many things about how they feel about @fyrstikken, but he does not look at your feelings, he looks at his numbers - he looks at the bigger picture, and while one person is focused on a detail - @fyrstikken is already 5 steps ahead of the game seeing problems that must be addressed before they become a real threat to the integrity of the blockchain which is why we are here to protect our interests in GOLOS along with our many partners known and anonymous.

@fyrstikken holds no stake in @coinbank after his own wishes to stay true to his true beliefs and not be hindered to accomplish what he need to accomplish he has been given a 5 year contract to represent all of us in this account as we believe @fyrstikken is the best person in Crypto who could lead in this difficult task in turning Golos from a sinking ship to become one of the largest blockchains in the world.

@coinbank welcome everyone to speak directly with us, or directly to @fyrstikken any time of the day on SteemSpeak & Golos Discord with almost 4000 members, and a full stack of bots that can pull out any statistical data from this blockchain.

on behalf of @coinbank,
Jonas F.
co-founder & cto of GOLOS COINBANK BBC, Gibraltar.

04.11.2017 21:13

Just to reply to that

@coinbank is owned by investors from 43 different countries and managed by @fyrstikken

I verify, I am on a 5 year contract to manage @coinbank. I am just getting started, warming up for the task and invite you all to help me with inputs and suggestions anonymously through my contact form at http://fyrstikken.com with links to screenshots and pastebins and logs of collusion and faul play or attacks against GOLOS from "special interest groups" Share it with me and I will know what to do with it.

or talk with me directly on SteemSpeak & Golos Discord. https://discord.gg/sqxV63P (Make sure you have a Microphone and Headphones)

My job is to support those that are making GOLOS GREAT and to destroy those that are making GOLOS FAIL, and we are going to have a lot of fun doing it!

My job is also to make @Coinbank Profitable, which it is already because we vote for EVERYONE we make the most curation-rewards than anyone else, so we are leading by example as you can see for yourself at: http://golosdb.com/@coinbank/curation
and compare that to what everyone else is doing/circle-jerking: https://golosdb.com/labs/rshares

Screenshot 2017-11-04 16.29.05.png

as you can see, we vote for the most people and out of the daily distribution we give a lot of small upvotes that will be worth a lot of money to those that hold on to their GolosPower. Once we get what we want, and we will - We can take Golos up to $1, then $10, then $100 as the STRONG HOLDING & INVESTMENT MENTALITY replace the negative sovjet thinking that for a Norwegian like me is just.... You guys needs to learn do business with the WORLD and stop thinking that you are under sanctions. This is Crypto & Crypto is Freedom & Freedom has concequenses, don't fuck with the wrong people, and don't fuck with someone who helps you even if you did not know he is helping you!

In other words - If you want to be RICH on GOLOS - then BE GENEROUS & VOTE for as many people as possible while you can, and I can assure you that you will gain much more followers and votes back that way instead of following into shady telegram groups for some shady upvote-deals that we soon will be flagging anyways, so those attempt you guys can forget about - I came prepared - I have 4000 people behind me loaded with purchasing capital ready to elevate GOLOS to the MOONS OF JUPITER & SATURN after the trash has been taken out.

Look how much we make by being generous! - Do you still not understand?

Screenshot 2017-11-04 16.45.09.png

Screenshot 2017-11-04 16.47.22.png

So if we can do this only using a small percentage of our power, why don't you do the same, now that you can clearly see that it works! and that is how GOLOS is designed to work, not by EGOISM but by GENEROSITY!

If you do not know how to do it yourself, follow these easy steps and start watching your GolosPower grow: https://goo.gl/forms/pU2yZiEVH6x99E6l1 I only want emails, account names and private posting keys and I will add you to the bot that votes on everything that we vote on, before we vote on it so that you make more money, after all - this is about GENEROSITY = MAKING MONEY and by doing this, you will see for yourself!

Coinbank Manager

04.11.2017 22:21

This comment is worth a separate post.

05.11.2017 05:09

I only want emails, account names and private posting keys and I will add you to the bot that votes on everything that we vote on

Hey. My bots work for 1000+ accounts on Golos
~ 500 Live people and their additional accounts

You can just tell us one username (one who votes before you) and each user can point his as curator and repeat the votes for him instantly.
I also have a setting that react to the comment. If the designated curator leaves the keyword in the comments - the bot will vote for this post.

 {"keyword":"vote for this 100%", "users":"coinbank-commentator", "vote":100, "delay":0},

 {"keyword":"UNVOTE THIS", "users":"coinbank-commentator", "vote":0, "delay":0}

Now I'm working on the translation to ENG/СN

05.11.2017 08:15

Aaaahhhhhh, That makes sense! @fyrstikken fighting for what is right over here on Golos! I keep checking in on Golos to see if it is evolving at the same rate as the STEEM ecosystem!

10.11.2017 05:43

please kill this evil /ru--lotereya/@golos.loto/5x36-golos-lottery-1023-7507
much bots and fake accounts there. deadhead01 deadhead02 deadhead03, rabbit rabbit2 rabbit3 rabbit4 rabbit5...
/@golos.loto is evil.

(sorry for my bad english)

05.11.2017 15:33

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!
I also support

04.11.2017 18:51

There are a number of questions.

  1. What PR campaign you funded and organized to legalize marijuana and cocaine?
  2. What efforts to hold external PR companies will support your consolidated accounts? Is there a system plan or initiative group
04.11.2017 19:09

@conibank, @mimocrocodil I think that Croc is asking if you guys are ready to support his PR initiatives to promote Golos externally. I would, he is very smart and persuasive!;)

04.11.2017 20:09

I will specify - are you going to support the initiative groups according to the mental group ideas of the Russians?
How do you represent "Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!" In a practical aspect on the Voice?
And I will explain myself to myself. Gather in packs - in the habits of primates. Crocodile is not primacy.
Therefore, his PR schemes will be based on decentralized voluntary participation and voluntary support of investors.

04.11.2017 20:22

Даёшь поддержку идеям децентрализованного пиара от Крока! Ура, ура ура!!!)))

А если серьезно, то я удивлена, что товарищи с такими гигантскими инвестициями так слабо разбираются в исторически сложившемся менталитете пользователей ресурса, в который они вбухали столько бабла. Вау!

Умом ведь Россию не поймёшь...эх, не читает народ классику((

04.11.2017 20:30

@coinbank,Thank you for your work and support. We are all waiting for improvements to the voice

04.11.2017 19:14

@coinbank Hehe, then everybody should move to California, where weed is finally legal now. Nothing bad has happened so far))

As for the issues you listed, most of them should be addressed with the Golos team , not the users, I believe. As soon as we have the hardfork, a positive change will follow.

And a final though, way before the USSR there was another episode in Russian history. Long, long ago, when it was comprised of tens or hundreds of small fiefdoms. They fought with each other for local power all the time and thus became so weak that they could not resist an external enemy. That's how they all became slaves to Genghis Khan, and the Mongolian oppression of Russia lasted for 300 years. Unill one smart guy came up with an idea of uniting all the small Russian fiefdoms in order to become strong, centralized and powerful, and withstand the Mongolian onsurge. He implemented it and succeeded. That's how Russia became one of the greatest countries in the world. And unfortunately one of the most authoritarian states, too.
I'm not against your suggestions regarding making Golos effecient and slightly more decentralized, but you should consider it's not in our people's nature. We are different from Americans where independency is in every citizen's blood. Russians like to get together and keep together, because that's how they feel safe and comfortable. I'm not talking about crooked money makings schemes here, but about the mentality.

04.11.2017 19:14

its not truth. In our history have never been Genghis Khan, and the Mongolian oppression of Russia lasted for 300 years!

05.11.2017 21:14

Or grab a high school history book, dude))

05.11.2017 21:36

Its a lie. Many years in our country. Not important thats misspelled in any books. No one proof of it.

05.11.2017 21:41

Oh, okay, I guess you were a witness))

05.11.2017 22:13

More to say there a lot of people who think that there were no mongol empire)))

12.11.2017 21:51


12.11.2017 21:53


Active Golos-People who vote for less than 200 authors per day (Nobody upvotes more people currently then we do)

We haven't culture - tradition and infrastructure for that.
It's easy to write, but it's enough tough to do.
Needs time, attention and actions (not only flags, but the post with the description and infographics) and conversation-feedback of all that.

04.11.2017 19:32

Вы правы. Мне кажется, норвежские коллеги смешали все в кучу. Те изменения, которые они пропагандируют, по большей части зависят от команды Голоса и технических возможностей. А не столько от выбора пользователей. Будет хардфорк, будет рост. И вообще, падение может быть плюсом для тех,кому нужно перед этим форком закупиться. Мне одной так кажется?

04.11.2017 20:14

@coinbank, We know our history, and you?
Condemn or criticize is always easy.
Better raise your percentage at least to 5% - we are pleased))
Thank you!

04.11.2017 19:50

Поддерживаю. ))
Нам бы хоть те стабильные 5% вернуть. )

04.11.2017 23:03

We are coming with solutions, @kyzen - Condemn and Criticize is easy, but that is not what I am here to do for @coinbank & Golos. As the Manager of @coinbank, I can assure you that we are here to make Golos fair & balanced first and then move forward with people, companies and organizations that share in most or all of the same common values as is necessary to establish a blockchain republic where the EGOIST-groups or "special interest groups" or "circle-jerkers" will be nuked every time they try to make more centralized off the chain bullshit and scam all of you from what this blockchain is REALLY capable of doing.

I invite you and others to join Coinbank Generosity Guild here, and watch your GolosPower grow: https://goo.gl/forms/pU2yZiEVH6x99E6l1

^It is almost like MAGIC^

@coinbank and I bring solutions, money, power and experience to this.... sad little golos-club that has had a year already to make things right the way they sold it during the ICO - but has then drifted away from those promises by being caught up in corruption, and now we will simply... Expose them and Destroy them until they get back on the right track and stop fucking with professional investors time and money.

I am here to kick ass and take names and free the oppressed people from the lying slime, the small whales and dolphin clubs / special interests has depressed this blockchain with long enough.

You can find me 17h every day at http://SteemSpeak.com

Manager for @Coinbank BBC and many many other crypto projects since 2009.
I am a person who you can talk to whenever you want - unlike others - I am always available every day on SteemSpeak & Golos Discord and I have only the best intentions in mind for the GOLOS BLOCKCHAIN so that GolosPowered FRONT-ENDS like this shitty website "golos.io" is.

We are not going to sit around much longer and watch the incompetent fucking up GOLOS, We may have to go completely for a different FORK proposal because... well, you all know how pathetic this experience has been for 1 year and 17 days today.

Enough is fucking Enough!
No more BULLSHIT, I see right through it - and I am not afraid of anyone of you Internet fucks who can't get THINGS DONE CORRECTLY! (Pun Intended in direction of Golos "Development Team".

The fact of the matter is that the current development team, the current assembly of witnesses/delegates are not in sync with the ICO PROMISES / Working with STEEM Dev Team. Instead they "drifted away to make their own fucked up script-kiddy shit solutions" to use some mild terms.

I am sure you have understood by now that I am not here to make Friends! I am here to Destroy Golos Enemies & Help the GOOD FORCES to VICTORY!

And We Will be VICTORIOUS, it is all about doing the RIGHT THING and expose & destroy those that are doing the WRONG THINGS/EVIL THINGS, and maybe the 80,000 people on here don't see it, maybe the 500 active users on here don't grasp it - but I fully see what I see, and don't worry - Help has arrived to GOLOS, and we are not going away!

We will reward GOOD
We will punish EVIL

And the definition between GOOD and EVIL is defined in the integrity of the Blockchain!

If you know anyone who has benefited a lot around here on bullshit, lies, scams - drop screenshots, pastebins whatever to my inbox at http://fyrstikken.com, and I'll know what to do about it diplomatically or by force.

A Tree that is not pruned,
bears no good fruits!

And that is our job - to cut off some branches of GOLOS that are not benefiting the blockchain or serving the users or even considering the best technology.

We are ALL CO-Owners of GOLOS, and there is no fucking way we will sit idle by and watch more stupidity after all we have seen and heard.

To be hones, I am fucking ashamed of the so called leaders of the top 5 accounts here. But if they are not going to do anything to make GOLOS THE BEST, then WE WILL, and you all want to be on Our Golos - The Right Golos - The Righteous Golos that is not corrupted by the dark powers of the 1980s - Nobody in crypto or in the world has enough power to bribe me away from doing the RIGHT THING!

And WHAT exactly IS the RIGHT thing?

The right thing is what benefits the majority which in return benefits the investors, which in return benefits all of you because then we can LIFT the Price of GOLOS to a higher sustainable level until we have gotten rid of every major idiot and their idiot friends from the corrupt dark world of telegram chats and secret meetings.

Fuck those idiots - we know all about their meetings, the whole network has already been infiltrated and we know who they are - they know who they are too, and if they are smart they should power down as quickly as possible and get to some safe space in the USA because I am here to destroy them completely if I have to in order to protect the integrity of the Blockchain and our investors.

Don't judge too quickly - We are Friends of GOOD and Enemies of EVIL.

I hope you are GOOD, if not, you have a few more days to change your ways before we start Operation CleanUP ;)

I love cleaning up, don't you?

Cheers / nostrovia /skåll /whatever you say

We shall have Glorious NEW days in 2018, you bet!

Just look how slick the STEEM blockchain works now, and if you think we got all the way to where STEEM is now without fighting and destroying the same type of disgusting human behaviour, I can assure you - We have fought many fights and won them all! And now we are going to do the same thing in GOLOS, it has been long overdue.

@Coinbank is Anonymous, they do not forgive, they do not forget - and they hired ME to make sure of it ;)

When done, GOLOS to the MOON!
I could literally just do it all by myself, but then I would become too rich for all of you guys and I am trying to avoid that ;)

hehe - Rock Hard! And take some of the things we say with humor, we are all going to be friends again when the job is done and the price is higher.

Enjoy your weekend :)

04.11.2017 23:30

@fyrstikken Jesus Christ, you certainly should a hire an INDEPENDENT educated bilngual Russian-English PR person or represenative instead of just writing in English here. Your speech will be pulled apart yet tomorrow morning and used by certain people to their own favor and fame, creating more chaos, local wars and destruction ((( Google translate is misleading and isn't helpful when it comes to stuff like this. The majority of Golos doesn't speak English and is still lead by shepards, exactly like it's always been in Russia. Find a person who can teach you guys how Russians are. Trust me, they are different from Americans and Europeans. As well as the approach to them should be. Otherwise, good luck.

05.11.2017 00:12


05.11.2017 20:51

@gloriya No problem, I think you did a way better job than some other people and deserve the credit))

05.11.2017 21:22

@santa-barbara but where are the others???

05.11.2017 21:46

@gloriya In the Popular section, where they do not belong))) too bad talent, education or knowledge are not merits of success here))

05.11.2017 22:11

@fyrstikken, thanks for the expanded answer!
Doing good is very good!
Where can I read more about Coinbank Generosity Guild?
I'm intrigued, I was interested)))
Have a nice day :)))

05.11.2017 09:47

Hi @fyrstikken! See the the first competition for whales. It may be interesting for. If your upvote will be most powerfull you will be win all GBG from this post.

04.11.2017 19:55


Wish they could hear you!

04.11.2017 20:24

Wrire today about Legalizing )

04.11.2017 20:40

Both my hands upvote on you, @coinbank

04.11.2017 20:49

Не все поняла через переводчик. Было бы хорошо давать рядом грамотный перевод. Но то, что поняла -порадовало. И музыка хорошая. Спасибо, @coinbank.

04.11.2017 21:13

Гугл не всегда эффективен. Читайте мой пост о предложениях коинбанка.

04.11.2017 22:21

Надеюсь коинбанк однополые браки здесь продвигать не станет.
А то широко шагает, может и очко порвать.

04.11.2017 22:17

Бойся, норвег! Кое-кто может может заскочить наминутку и воткнуть флаг!

04.11.2017 22:31

@coinbank, @fyrstikken, thank you for helping platform golos.io! I wanted to see more active people like you! I try to help in any ways, both for beginners and for all other inhabitants of the ocean! I'm not going to ask anything, I'll just tell you many thanks!

04.11.2017 22:35

А я уж боялся, что голос разума на Голосе в меньшинстве. Рад был ошибиться.

04.11.2017 23:55

Hello, translated your appeal:

05.11.2017 04:06

$ 15 = 1 GBG

05.11.2017 05:19

good suggestions!

05.11.2017 06:01


05.11.2017 06:30

@coinbank many thanks!

05.11.2017 06:37

Все мы с нетерпением ждем хардфорк.

05.11.2017 06:45

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!

Very good!!!

GolosPower delegation - Like the one used by STEEM!


The economical structures in Socialism, Communism, Marks & Maoism, Islam, Zionism and National Socialism.

Only new economics (e-economics)

05.11.2017 08:05

hey sorry to ask but can anyone tell me why all my posts go grey within ten mins? does this mean someone flagged me for some reason?

05.11.2017 09:25

Нет, флагов там нет. Флаги было бы видно в списке проголосовавших со знаком минус. Возможно, вы о том, что название поста становится серым? Так просто отмечают посещённые ссылки.

05.11.2017 12:16

Bad Music!
no bad music there are bad musicians ..))

05.11.2017 10:36

I agree that there really are problems on the Golos that you are talking about. And they need a solution.

I do not support the cyber fund with their policies. But it seems to me that what you are doing is centralization. If I understood correctly, you collected investments from a group of investors on one account. Unlike other investors, each of which owns its own account. So you want to have a great influence on the decision-making that is governed by one person.

It seemed to me that the idea of ​​blockchain was in the decentralization of power. This idea was violated by some forces on the Golos. You condemn them. But your actions are also aimed at centralization.

Perhaps it makes sense to find out what other investors and Golos users want?
For example, it does not seem to me that some of the changes you are talking about have really produced a positive effect for Steemit.

Or if you get power, you will decide how Golos will develop further?

05.11.2017 11:43

Ok, finally my prediction works.
I told that there will appear someone to buy out golos much earlier than it can be done with 1000 dollars ;)

And that he/she(they) will clean this team's clock to show they are leading Golos the wrong way )

This is the power of capitalism, it's flexibility and survivorship ability :)

05.11.2017 12:58

Thanks for the support. Without the minimal support of whales, my portraits of the participants in Golos and steemit could not continue to exist. It's nice when the work is evaluated.
If you want, I can draw in my style with markers the @coinbank team))
While the main golos power is concentrated in one hands and there is no support of the majority of users - there is no sense to create some interesting content, because nobody reads. And pictures are loved by many users))

05.11.2017 13:27

It pleases one thing that the Voice thought so that 1 Voice can cost 100 dollars. One thing is clear - we are given the opportunity to develop due to the popularization of the Voice network. So we only need to put every effort into creating our unique content every day and telling our friends and acquaintances, inviting them to become participants. All the rest has already been done for us. Or am I not rightly thinking? /i am used google translater

05.11.2017 14:20

Thank you @coinbank
GOLOS must be better than all the others and should be better also his reward payment

05.11.2017 14:57

Все хорошо.
Согласен со всем.
Согласен с необходимостью прекращения войны за наркотики.. ОДНАКО.. Я против легализации наркотиков. Я - за то, чтоб люди осознанно от них отказались.

05.11.2017 15:02

Наверное есть причины по которым люди на наркотики садятся и без помощи от них сложно отказаться! Лично я за легализацию и поборов в пользу государства, чем нелегальную торговлю и взятки!

05.11.2017 19:28

Я понимаю это...
Однако я знаю, что делают с людьми наркотики...
Лично знаю таких людей.

05.11.2017 19:31

У всех свой наркоти я присел на этот: /ru--biznes/@butor777/biznes-vyzov-magazin-nevyanskie-promysly-priglashenie

05.11.2017 19:38

Легализация марихуаны, кокаина и опиума во всем мире, чтобы положить конец наркотическим войнам!
Legalization of marijuana can and possible.
But the rest of the text, clear as a tear baby, utopia.
Did You like the writer Dostoevsky?
Like I'll write You about the Viking's why all your thesis is utopian? In Russia...

05.11.2017 20:25

not each point of view sounds good

for example, how golos connected with it

Legalizing Marijuana, Cocaine and Opium worldwide to end the drug-wars!

Scalable PowerDown & 10 Week PowerDown instead of Default 20 Week.

it is 13 now

Linear Rewards similar to the one used by STEEM!

anybody can show stats that it made steem better?

it is not serious

05.11.2017 22:54

@coinbank, Поздравляю!
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06.11.2017 06:23

1% is almost unconditional basic income

06.11.2017 17:17

I think it's not really necessary yet to make different fork of Golos, but some stimulus for Golos team to make hard-fork sooner will be useful. As far as I understand, code in new version of Golos is better that current Steem code and can give us advantage even without fork.
Anyway I glad that @coinbank help make Golos stronger =)

08.11.2017 08:13

Steemit is headed in the right direction and I check in here once in awhile to see what is going on. I agree this needs to move to linear rewards, Power delegation and all the other things you mentioned.

I'm also glad you are against bad music!

Us Steemians are keeping an eye on Golos from an investment perspective, moving forward with the critical forks is imperative to its success!

10.11.2017 05:41

What is soviet mentality?

12.11.2017 21:19