ATHERO a new era of Cryptofinance for the Internet 3.0

Athero is a platform for the longer term of funding designed on high of the Ethereum blockchain. The mission is building the globe higher through technology. Tho is a world, open supply and redistributed mainframe computer that anyone will access.


Blockchain technology has nice potential to make new business models and convey measurable edges and values to the general public and personal sectors. To unlock this potential, the Athero protocol is meant to handle key challenges, limit the exchange of experience and also the integrity of the information in good chains of product. With good string data turning into more and more fragmented, scalability and concern the value of the present decentralized solutions become clear.
Collection of markets and finance

THO's the final goal is to become an all-in-one resolution and supply a spread of services from market to finance. Customers - each business and people - can access all the services they have from one platform. Blockchain technology offers us the chance to form your finances grow quicker with higher profits.
Smart town construct

the solar broadband network is prepared for wifi. located worldwide in good cities.
Intelligent parking technology (Independent device network in several areas is detected, through magnetic fields, whether or not there's parking or occupying space)
good and healthy environmental devices (Network with air pollution sensor, radio/wifi thief device specializing in health connected effects)

They look for real applications. Athero can fill a niche within the current economic model. The currencies that may get in to become massive caps or massive caps are people who even have a distinct business use case and client worth proposition.
Athero global Summit

The advanced and uncomparable hierarchical cryptologic databases give potency and eliminate a mistaken purpose.

Athero is a startup partner in varied fields to bring blockchain technology into use within the world.
Cutting-edge technology

Athero perpetually studies the most recent technology standards and unendingly expands cooperation with international analysis organizations to stay technology safe and up so far.
Rapid growth + Adoption

Athero focuses on new technology and has the primary mobile approach to bring blockchain technology to a replacement reception level.
Athero platform

Athero platform structure is a property public computing infrastructure and economic decentralization specializing in growth and prosperity. Athero could be a platform designed to enhance trade by combining web of Things and blockchain technology. Athero combines distributed software with an open blockchain, uses virtual business for business networks and a consensus algorithm to appreciate higher offline solutions for data flow and demand for sourcing. Product application.
Athero Blockchain Protocol and Athero Token

THO is that the native encrypted coding currency being created to be integrated and used on Athero networks, for distributed applications on the network. Initially, the planned Tho is issued and enforced on the general public Ethanum ERC-20 blockchain token.

The Athero team can integrate its existing "wallet" perform to stay THObalances and permit users to use tags on the Tho platform straightaway when activating the token. The Athero protocol is being developed to implement on its own open supply blockchain. during this situation, the first ERC-20 based Tho are changed on a one: 1 basis with the first Tho released on Athero's blockchain.


Start: September 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 AM (GMT)

End: January 20, 2019, Friday, 11:00 AM (GMT)

Soft cap: $18,000,000

Tokens exchange rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD

Token: THO
Token structure

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Thomas Plattsmier: CEO + Co-founder

Niou Someya: Programmer

Jay Friscia: Software developer, Co-founder

Madhu Sahota: Software engineer

Lukas Zadorozny: Sofware developer, Marketing

Alex Dehlinger: Marketing, Public relations









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