INTRO is an eco-system of online services for residential construction market players – developers, investors, real estate agents and homebuyers.

How many times have you looked for an appropriate platform for token sales? A legal zone which you can trust and which will be worth investing? A company with diverse services and big supporting community? Some organization which products will be useful not only for investors, but for buyers and developers as well?

If you recognise yourself in this describtion, this post will be of a great use for you.
I would like to tell you about my great discovery, a real jewel in the sea of different cryptocurrency companies. I'm talking about INTRO - an eco-system of online services for residential construction market player. It has special offers for developers, investors, real estate agents and homebuyers.

INTRO benefits

So, let me tell you why this company is such a unique organisation.

First of all, it has a lot of new opportunities, such as the possibility of buying directly from the builder at an auction. It is not only a reliable service, but also very beneficial - there you can have discounts up to 30%.

Secondly, you are provided with access to the official reports on construction and off-plan investment, which will be recorded in blockchain. Moreover, you will not need to contact with any kind of intermediaries - you can invest in the properties of variety of trustworthy developers using your smart contact. To make it better, INTRO charges minimum commision.

Thirdly, INTRO regularly makes different kinds of market researches and analyses a lot of data, which you can get aquainted with in their analytical articles. Also you have an access to INTRO forecasts.
Have in mind that the blockchain integration ensures that INTRO as a data miner cannot change or hide information from state registers. That is why market players, state officers and other users of INTRO can be sure that the data in the system is reliable and unchanged.

INTRO consists of four depertments. State and industrious sources form the INTRO Analytica system. It is a BI system for the players of off-plan development market. This system is used by investors, developers, banks and even by the Russian authorities. This concept appeared in Russia in 2016 and now more than 20 large Russian construction holdings are currently using the system, and the number is lokely to increase in the nearest future, because the service coverage is quickly expands in the Russian regions and neighboring countries.

The second part is called INTRO Sale. This is a private online auction for developers' property buyers. If you become INTRO token holder you will join the INTRO Sale network and have a chance to participate in different private auctions. The bidding will be carried out during a limited time with all your bids written in blockchain, which is very convinient and it also makes you sure that the best price wins and you, as a token holder, get a property investment at attractive terms.

The third part you should know about is INTRO COINvest. This is a perfect social application for homebuyers. You are guaranted to get all the benefits starting from quality control of construction to the selection of the housing maintenance company. You no longer need to face the problems alone, your future neighbours and INTRO experts will help you and support you. You can converse with them using platform's social application.
Finally, I will tell you about INTRO REstate. It provides search throughout on-sale properties in under-construction buildings in all the regions covered by the INTRO system which allows investors to make a deal directly with the property developer at a minimum fee.

All in all, INTRO is a modern platform with highly-qualified stuff that makes it an ideal place to start.
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In order to make sure all that has been written here is truth you may consult with the whitepaper of the company here:ИНТРО%20WP%20en.pdf

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