[Voter] Upvote posts by several accounts (v1.0.0)

 Hello, dear friends!

Today I present a new section Voter.

Some people need to manage several accounts (they have technical account, husband's/wife's account, etc.) and it is hard task. Especially if there are no bots for this purpose...

As I know there are only Telegram bots for Golos and Steem which works. Other do not work or cannot vote for posts automatically or by several accounts.

So, I decided to create form where you can vote for some posts by all your accounts which you saved at Chain Post page.

I hope it will be useful for you 😊


 Field for post's URL

Under logo there is field where you need to write URL of post to vote.

 Blockchain choose

Lower is located dropdown where you need to choose blockchain. In future it will be chosen automatically based on written post's URL.

As soon as you choose blockchain all stored accounts will be shown. (Stored at Chain-Post page).

 Accounts selection

Next step will be choose accounts by which you want to vote. There is button to choose all accounts. You can also change accounts order by Drag-and-drop.

 Vote button

When you will fill all that, you can click on Upvote button.

After that we will check which accounts already voted for this post and will vote only by not voted accounts. We save your battery 😉

For now we vote with 100% power. In future we will add possibility to choose vote power + possibility to flag posts. All vote actions will be wrapped in one transaction.

 Vote result section

If vote was successful we show message with blockchain icon and list of accounts which voted. (If any accounts voted for this post before, they will not vote in second time)

 Vote from Chain Post page

This is additional tool so we added button to vote for published post in more comfortable way, from Chain Post page.

When you published post at Chain Post page success message will appear. At the end of this message you can see button to upvote this post by stored accounts.

After click on it new browser tab will be open. Post's URL will be filled automatically.

[Chain Post] Reset filled accounts button

Also we added new feature to Chain Post system.

One of it it button to reset accounts which you filled for post publishing. This is useful if you need to publish same post to different accounts or with little difference. 😉

 [Chain Post] Load notes from Evernote

We implemented possibility to load your Evernote notes which were shared publicly (by link). Based on note system will fill post title, body and tags for some/all blockchains.

Detail instruction I will write in future, because there are a lot of information which need to write ☺

 Plans for the future

- [Chain Post] Implement VIZ blockchain support;

  • [Chain Post] Add button to hide buttons which located at right side;
  • [Chain Post] implement post preview;
  • [Voter] automatically choose blockchain based on written URL;
  • Implement page with Voting Power and "battery" level for stored accounts.


Chain Post: https://zavz9t.github.io/chain-post/

Voter: https://zavz9t.github.io/voter/

Source code: https://github.com/zavz9t/zavz9t.github.io/releases/tag/1.0.0

Difference to previous release:

Telegram support chat: https://t.me/chain_post

Open Source support project: /open-source/@oss/podderzhka-open-source-proektov

published by @chain-post   Steem Golos WLS Serey Weku Smoke

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