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New "Levels" section, VIZ chain support and few minor modifications (v2.0.0)

 Hello, dear friends!

New release and new features 😊

New Levels section

For now we have many chains, but not all of them has good tool to see account's info. That's why we developed page where main info of saved accounts are display.

At this page are displayed such info: Voting Power (VP), amount of RC or Bandwidth, stack size (amount tokens in power) and current rewards.

If you want to see info only from specific chain to can use filters. They located at right side.

 Button to hide control items

At small displays control buttons takes many place, so we added button to hide them.
To do it, you need click on bottom button.

After it all menu will be hidden. To show it again click on top right button.

Added VIZ chain

We added support of this chain, so you can publish your posts at it, voting posts and look account's info.

Have fun 😉

 Possibility to publish from

Chain VIZ has several web clients. is one of it. It has own audience and some requirement to show posts. We added possibility to publish posts which will be shown at it.

In you will check this option, to your tags will be added liveblogs tag and 1% of author reward will be given to denis-skripnik account. And your post will be shown at this platform and you may collect additional votes. 😉

 Navigation through sections

For now we have three sections, so we added navigation which is located at the top of page.

 Interface changes

To each section we added personal favicon. I believe that this is nice decision 😊

 Under the hood

During publish process we started to collect all images link from your post and put this list to json_metadata of this post. As I know, only this parameter is used by clients 😉

 Plans for the future

  • Add go to top button;
  • [Chain Post] Implement possibility to load post from supported chain;
  • [Voter] add button to sort accounts;
  • [Levels] implement Claim pending rewards button;
  • [Chain Post] implement post preview;
  • [Chain Post] Implement remove saved accounts function;
  • [Chain Post] Implement post edit possibility.


Chain Post System:

Source code:

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Telegram support group:

Discord support group:

Developer: @zavz9t

Best regards, Chain Post

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02.12.2018 13:35