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[Chain Post] Publish to all media chains by one click | Release

Hello, dear friends!

Publish to all media chains by one click: Golos, Steem

So, if you have more than 100 golos power and your post rewards less than 10 GOLOS, you could publish one article per day with this option 😉

Publish for VIK

Next option to earn additional reward is Vik's support program.

You need to give 10% (can be different) author reward from article to vik account and 10% to netfriend, than your article will be upvoted for 5 GOLOS (approximately).

If vik account is in saving mode, you need to give more than 10% from author reward. Details (exact value) you can find in Telegram group or in using command "/vik".

By default we write 10%, if it needed your can change that value. 10% for netfriend will be written automatically.

VOX form

At this platform is support program from denis-skripnik. If you will give 1% from author rewards and add dpos-post tag then he will upvote your article. This upvote gives something around 2 VOX.

If you will check "Publish for Denis-Skripnik" box this parameters will be written automatically.

For now VOX working with troubles, so it may not work 😉

How to publish your article?

After fill all necessary fields, you need to click on Submit button. It is located at bottom right corner.

Your article will be published to chosen blockchains (where credentials were fill).

On success - link at your article will appear on green background, on fail - on red one.


We will keep 5% from author rewards for your article.

Additionally we write ad footer to your article.


published by @chain-post   Steem Golos WLS Serey Weku

Plans for the future

  • implement possibility to load articles from Facebook;
  • implement Smoke blockchain;
  • implement form for upvoting;
  • implement form for commenting;
  • add button for form reset;
  • implement article preview.


Chain Post System:

Source code:

Telegram support group:

Open Source support project: /open-source/@oss/podderzhka-open-source-proektov

Best regards, Chain Post

published by @chain-post   Steem Golos WLS Serey Weku Smoke

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Энтузиасты следящие за тегом #open-source решили поддержать ваш пост. Спасибо, что публикуете и описываете свои разработки.

15.10.2018 00:04