[Chain Post] Added Smoke support and load Facebook posts (v0.2.0)

 Hello, dear friends!

We have new release with new useful features 😉

 Load Facebook posts

We added possibility to load your public Facebook posts to Chain-Post.

To do it, you need to click on Facebook icon at top right corner.

New modal window will be opened.

Here need to paste link to your Facebook post and click Load button.

After that we will fill post title and content. Photos from your post will be loaded too.

 Reset form

We added button to reload all form data. It is useful for mobile devices, because it is easier to click button instead of page reloading.

At right bottom corner appeared Reset button 😉

Smoke blockchain support

We implemented post publishing to Smoke blockchain. You are welcome 😉

 Autoscroll to notification

We changed scrolling. Now we scrolling to the last notification.

 New signature

We changed signing for better support post without images.

New view

In posts list

 Plans for the future

  • Implement voting for the post by your accounts;
  • Implement VIZ blockchain support;
  • Add page with power level.


Chain Post System: https://zavz9t.github.io/chain-post/

Source code: https://github.com/zavz9t/zavz9t.github.io/releases/tag/0.2.0

Telegram support group: https://t.me/chain_post

Open Source support project: /open-source/@oss/podderzhka-open-source-proektov

Best regards, Chain Post

published by @chain-post   Steem Golos WLS Serey Weku Smoke

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