Aussie Digital is airdropping 400,000,000 tokens

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Information about Aussie Digital

At Aussie Digital, our innovation is all about you—the consumer, retailer, manufacturer, investor and importer. We’re an e-commerce ecosystem that’s built on blockchain and fuelled by a cryptocurrency. Our crypto coin is known as AUD Coin.

This blockchain and AUD Coin exist to help you. To let you experience the power of Blockchain. To let you build. To let you stay ahead in business.

There is a Airdrop of 400,000,000 tokens to Aussie Digital s community members and it has started so you can go straight to it.
The community is made up from followers across different social networks I will list below.

Sign up on Aussie Digital website and Join our Telegram group(5,000 AUD Coins)
Like our Facebook page. (500 AUD Coins)
Follow our Twitter. (500 AUD Coins)
Follow our LinkedIn. (500 AUD Coins)
Follow our Medium. (500 AUD Coins)
Follow our Instagram. (500 AUD Coins)
Promote Aussie Digital using Embded code (500 AUD Coins)
Write a Blog for us, minimum 500 words (10,000 AUD Coins)
Create a video for us (5,000 AUD Coins)
Subscribe our YouTube channel.(500 AUD Coins)

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Login to Aussie Digital website and click on "How to submit Airdrop" in the member dashboard.

You can earn more than 10,000 Tokens for completing all tasks. For more visit our Airdrop Terms & Conditions and FAQ's Page

There is some clear very good YouTube videos explaining about Aussie Digital, well worth a look when you subscribe to the channel.

There is also a 3 level Affiliate program you will find all details on your Dashboard.
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The information I provide has been taken from Aussie Digital and this is my link
also all the information in this posts I have completed myself apart from Facebook as I do not have a Facebook account.

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To Join us on Discord click HERE

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