KRATOS is a decentralized trading platform for commodity trading, which transforms and expands international trade in physical goods throughout the life cycle of the product. The problems of commodity trade are:

Insufficient trust.
Manual documentation.
Unnecessary intermediaries.

These problems often lead to significant time delays and high costs. KRATOS is a platform based on Ethereum, which uses Blockchain technologies and smart contracts to solve these problems. As a result, the KRATOS platform provides better transparency, higher efficiency and less complexity than any other existing system. Using this platform will lead to more timely deliveries and lower costs.
KRATOS has developed a process for registering tokens for traders represented on the KRATOS platform. Tokens presented on the platform to finance the project will be kept by buyers in their purses. The result of this process will be a list of high-quality transactions that will be a subset of trades that otherwise can not receive funding.

It would be difficult for others to compete with Arkratos, since it already has a functional MVP and it has undertaken to use its platform from several world trading companies.

What problems does Kratos deal with in the trade of goods?
Lack of trust
In the process of physical commodity trading, there is no transparency in terms of origin, quality and quantity of ordered goods, as well as details of dispatch. Consequently, buyers can not fully trust their trading partners and ultimately attract intermediaries, such as brokers, private investigators, and so on.

Transactions may include a significant amount of manual administration due to inconsistencies in the documentation. Manual documentation is both temporary and error prone. Consequently, manual documentation not only leads to delays of several weeks, but also leads to increased costs.

Quality assurance
Physical goods require critical quality control. But the regions in which most of the goods are produced are usually very softly supervised. Even documents can be easily changed. Given the lack of transparency in the system, quality assurance remains questionable in commodity trading.

Secured capital
In the current market situation, SMEs face problems in obtaining assistance from financial institutions to obtain financing for commodity trading. Even after meeting the strict economic requirements for due diligence of trade financing, limited visibility and insufficient evaluation from potential financiers make SMEs less likely to receive financing compared to larger players.

Advantages of the Kratos solution.
Use in the real world.

Potential for decision-making.

Availability of the market.

Tokens of Kratos.
Name of the token: TOS

The value of the token (ICO): 1000 TOS = 1 ETH

Total stock of tokens: 300000000

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO Details
Token details
Ticker TOS
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies ETH

Distribution of company funds.
What will the collected funds be used for?
Platform development: development of various modules, such as risk management and compliance, insurance, logistics (land, sea and air) and other module improvements.
Sales and marketing: global sales and marketing for on-board customers and an increase in the number of players on the platform.

Risk & Compliance: The right risk management and compliance team to handle each of these actions.

Operations: Proper support, infrastructure and security to make the system more reliable.

Legal & Audit: a legal team and auditors for better transparency in the system.

Conclusion: Kratos is an ambitious and very well-designed project, and its strength in the rational solution of problems related to goods.

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@cemgur Проект заслуживает внимания. Радостно наблюдать позитивную динамику развития проекта! Подписывайтесь, будем делиться мнениями

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