SafeKeet — The smart digital safe deposit box that simplifies your everyday work

Safekeet is French based company created by Mr. Pierre Toussaint (CEO) in June 2014. Since the beginning Safekeet design and build digital game — changing applications such as NeoRecrute and HR system conception (human resources information system). Those applications are used by more than 15000 people, worldwide, now. Last year company earned the “innovation” certificate from the French administration.

Safekeet is built a smart system that will allow automated documents cataloging and archiving and Data Storage. you are able to throw every document in Safekeet and find out that everything has been carefully sorted and organized. SAFEKEET has an ability to be familiar with user’s service bills, tax statements, etc. and sort them in the right location by simplifying the ways files are stored and retrieved, eventually. The platform is a connected living network that features a data interface that can gather automatically user’s personal documents. Once the connection is recognized, users of the ecosystem don’t need to scan or mail bills and documents, safekeet takes care of it by uploading them into your SafeKeet private inbox. The illustration that follows shows how the storage and retrieval are undertaken, just to give you an insight into how the platform works. Thanks to this technology, which comes from crypto-conversions, the documents placed on the network will be decentralized, encrypted, and in particular storage costs will be significantly reduced. The advantage of decentralization is that you do not need to trust any company since your things will be in the chain. This system also uses AI to sort your documents, their fragments, encrypt them, and then store them on your own block chain. Users with spare storage can receive tokens, preserving the fragmented and encrypted data of other people, and users with files can store their important materials on the block-chain by holding tokens.

The Blockchain technology will be incorporated to allow community members explore the huge potentials and benefits of the platform; hence the bionetwork will be fueled with the mechanism of the token. The token that will be employed to interconnect with each other within the circumference of the platform will be Safekeet tokens (SKT).
The token will be traded on the Ethereum platform and smart contract tailored towards that direction to ensure dependability. 1, 000, 000, 000 SKT have been created in total supply. 12, 000, 000 SKT is set as Softcap while 200, 000, 000 SKT is postulated to be Hardcap for the project. During ICO, 1 SKT will be equal to 0.25€. Out of all the tokens created in total supply by the developers of the platform, it will be distributed as shown below.

Their ICO price is attractive, as 1 SKT = 0.25€. Normally these things go with USD but since this is a French company, they are using Euro for their ICO, though they accept USD, bitcoin, ether etc as well. You can also use SEPA transfer system to purchase tokens, which makes it heaps easier for European customers who use IBAN numbers. It is quite likely that they will collect their soft cap and the token prices will go higher than that within 1 month after the ICO. They already collected around half a million Euro by selling about 1.9 million tokens. They need to sell 10 more million tokens to reach their soft cap target, which makes it about 3 million euros. However, it is likely that will be able to collect this amount as the ICO advances. The amount collected in presale is very high and it is a great indication of the success of the upcoming ICO.

Safekeet ICO:
Date:15–01–2018 to 28–02–2018
Token acronym: SKT
Price of token: 1 SKT = € 0.25
Platform: Ethereum
Currencies accepted: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
Soft cap: 12 million tokens
Hard cap: 200 million tokens


Username Btalk: Celin23
Wallet ETH: 0x1060C87081B6221acC9cE11c7e15DA9526456981

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