GLOBCOIN — Your tokenized currency basket

Easy, fast, secure: the gateway to a global currency for a global village.

GLOBCOIN is a unit of currency basket that tracks the 15 largest global currencies and gold. It follows an intuitive and unbiased approach based on the Purchasing Power Parity that develops as the world economy develops. These characteristics enable GLOBCOIN to act as a global value store, effectively creating the world’s first “reserve currency”.

GLOBCOIN provides market-leading pricing and technology, sealed in user-friendly applications suitable for all types of customers — expatriates, travelers, students, and, increasingly, “global travelers”.

This is a perfect solution for anyone looking to save money while traveling or send money abroad. GLOBCOIN represents the future of FX, bringing global market forces to the fingertips of its cardholders. We plan to add GLX to the currency available on the card. We add new customers every day, without expensive, advertising is widespread, but mainly word of mouth.

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The Globcoin team blockchain based platform will be creating customised currency baskets as an appropriate solution for a variety of investors needs. Their first basket is made of 15 fiat currencies from the largest world economies and 5% of gold value. It will be offered to investors as cryptocurrency token (GCP) to store their value in, use it as payment or medium of exchange. The primary purpose of GCP token will be the ideal solution for a cryptocurrencies holders wanting to stay in the crypto world but looking to secure part of their portfolio in this simple and most affordable way. We could compare Globcoin with Tether in some way, but there are also some major differences between these two projects. The main one is that Tether is based just on USD and Globcoin merges 15 main fiat currencies plus gold so it is more diversify and offers some extra features for its users.

Used by Central Banks, very few people would have access to the network necessary to construct such an offering themselves. No retail bank or broker currently offers such a basket.

The Platform will provide flexibility to investors and allows them to express a view on a country or a group of currencies, or to hedge against the weakening of others.

The first basket to be launched, corresponding to the World Reserve Currency (which we call GLX), will enable its holders to tactically switch to the most stable instrument, proven historically to be even more stable than the Swiss Franc.

This system allows Globcoin to create bespoke baskets for different markets.

The GCP price appreciation will be driven by the level of Platform adoption and the success of any currency basket launched using the infrastructure. The GCP Token grants rights holder the right to claim prizes for transaction fees collected every three months. Because GCP token holders do not receive dividends and there are a number of tokens issued, if GLOBCOIN is widely adopted, the token value is expected to increase. A simple evaluation is to model the market size that can be demonstrated by GLOBCOIN and divided by the total number of tokens.

There are two markets with both big markets, we’ll see information from some existing companies that offer fiat-accented currencies like USDT. From there, we make assumptions about what market volumes can be captured by solutions such as GLOBCOIN and apply our basic cost schedule.

Currently, Globcoin is based in Switzerland and the UK and is aimed at the Crypto market, using a new digital coin called GLX, which is associated with a set of fiat currencies from the world’s 15 largest countries and 5% Gold. Its value is played by the world economy, including new components and trends, such as emerging economies like China or India, while maintaining a good balance of Western economic currencies.

Multicurrency Payment Card
Globcoin Multicurrency Saving Account and Multicurrency Prepaid MasterCard is a platform accessible online or via an App, offering the combination of multicurrency payments and savings.

The target client base is twofold:
The crypto currency community. GLOBCOIN is the first to fill a gap between the crypto world and the world of fiat currencies. We propose a solution for holders of cryptos who want to diversify at least part of their portfolio.
Individuals who have an exposure to the volatility of currencies, such as: Students Business Travelers, holiday takers, expatriates, online shoppers, Global Nomads.
The mission of GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform is to help people preserve their purchasing power in a globalized and multipolar world economy, capitalize on world market trends and provide a unique unit of exchange to be used by people for global P2P payments.

The first use case, the GLOBCOIN Reserve Currency perfectly fills the gap for global people living in a Global Village. As global residents, we need global currency to care our environment, education, health from a global perspective. To achieve this mission, GLOBCOIN designs a value-driven alternative monetary system without the distortions of economic uncertainties. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, GLOBCOIN is a token but backed by real assets with real creditworthiness. GLOBCOIN will be used on a P2P base offering client cost-effective, convenient and instant transaction service with total transparency.

Core values of the GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform include:

– Driven by Innovation.
– Customer experience comes first.
– Equal access to the issuance of GLOBCOIN for all communities in the world.
– Transparency, democratic governance and organizational best practices at all levels.
– Compliance with laws and regulations in jurisdictions in which the GLOBCOIN or its affiliated institutions are active.

GLOBCOIN foundation will be responsible for GLOBCOIN’s regulation.
GLOBCOIN had its genesis in the desire to bring the sophisticated techniques only available so far to large institutions to the man of the street level. Since June 2016 the GLOBCOIN® Multi-currency Saving Account and the GLOBCOIN Multi-currency Prepaid MasterCard are offered to clients in the SEPA region (Western Europe). The platform is accessible online or via an app, offering the combination of multi-currency payments and savings. GLOBCOIN® makes the life easier, cheaper and gives you full control when it comes to managing the foreign currency exposure. In a word GLOBCOIN means reinventing global access to currencies. Think of it as your own private financial assistant, bank and foreign exchange agent all in one. You can store your money in your GLOBCOIN account like you would in any other bank account, Ewallet, travel card, etc. transfer it into a range of different currencies, pay people, receive money, withdraw cash and buy things online. GLOBCOIN provides market-leading pricing and technology, wrapped in an easy to use app suitable for all types of customers — expats, travelers, students, and, increasingly, “Global nomads”.

The following factors should lead to widespread adoption, real-world use, and significant economic value for GLOBCOIN:

  1. Innovative product: GLOBCOIN has been at the cutting edge of the currency management industry, providing innovative currency solutions to global investors. It is backed by real asset with unlimited supply that enables sustainability. Fair quotation and almost 0 spread make it a better means of exchange P2P payments like Venmo, PayPal and Square Cash which allow users to send one another money from their mobile devices through a linked debit card but it is in one currency. Enabling P2P payments to be “currency neutral” is a big step forward in this growing industry.
  2. Successful track record: GLOBCOIN first currency basket, GLX, has a transparent rule book and has long-lasting client relationships based on trust.
  3. Highly motivated target demographic: People who wish to align their economic and look for substitute of home currency to hedge devaluing risk. This includes trying new products and technologies that may be more expensive, inconvenient, or difficult to understand at the first place.
  4. Dual strategy for marketing and adoption: GCP and GLX will be introduced to the individual and exchanges.

Although the Reserve Currency Solutions SA and GLOBCOIN are already consolidated and well managed companies, we need additional resources to achieve our ambitious goals.
The proceeds of the funds will be financed:
The Budget for the further development of the platform covering interalia, infrastructure, market data, simulation tools, money portfolio management tools, creation of new projects.
Marketing and customer acquisition
partnership programs, including with Intercambios y Plataforma and acquisitions for synergistic development
Operating expenses: salaries, rent and other operating expenses
Legal fees and licenses required in multiple jurisdictions
5% legal support, improvement of the company’s legal structure, protection of investors’ rights.
Intellectual Property Rights including patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks.
Milestones based on different levels of funding received during the Token Sale:
If the resources raised reaches a minimum of 5,000 ETH GLOBCOIN will install the entire structure to launch the first basket (GLX) in the second quarter of 2018. Partnerships with exchanges will take place in the first quarter of 2018.
If the resources raised reach a minimum of 50,000 ETH, GLOBCOIN will be able to offer services on the GLOBCOIN multi-currency card that has been launched last year, but was restricted to fiat coins. We will leverage the networking effect of current programming and expand it to cover several countries and continents over time. GLOBCOIN will be the first to add a crypto currency as a GLX to a multi-currency card program. Partnership with card issuers and experience in multi-currency will be a great advantage in launching such a program.
If the amount collected exceeds 100,000 ETH, GLOBCOIN will request a bank authorization to facilitate the bridge between the cryptographic world and fiat coins. GLOBCOIN will also expand internationally and build the global network of GLOBCOINERS community. This will allow P2P operations, as limited to SEPA residents and transactions denominated in
6 fiat coins.

Token sale
Participants willing to support the development of the Globcoin project can do so by registering using the “Join Presale” button.

The GCP ERC-20 token is coded on smart contracts running on Ethereum. The hard cap goal is to raise $ 12 million, thus it has a 12'000 ETH value. The GCP crowdsale smart contract has been deployed on February 9th on the Ethereum mainnet.
GLOBCOIN requires all supporters to proceed with a standard ID verification.

Globcoin’s GLX are ERC-20 tokens that function as a store of value and a medium of exchange. Every token represents 1 unit of a basket — the GRCI® basket — consisting of the national currencies of the 15 largest economies and Gold, as measured by GDP, adjusted by PPP.

GLX token smart contract will be deployed in Spring 2018 and will be 100% backed on a 1 X 1 ratio. The assets will be in custodian with a Prime Bank meaning that for every GLX issued there will be the collateral in fiat currencies and Gold held at the Bank. GCP Utility Token will be necessary to issue and exchange GLX for fiat currencies.

When the first basket, the Global Currency Index and its associated token GLX will be launched, GCP holders will be able to exchange their fiat currencies for GLX with 0% fee. GLX will only be issued or exchanged for fiat currencies with GCP tokens.
GCP holders will be able to use the service of exchanging Fiat for GLX or GLX to Fiat currencies as many times as they wish. The GCP utility token has a limited supply of 510'000'000 tokens, and there will not be other GCP issued in the future.
The tokens associated with currency baskets will not have any supply limit. GCP tokens will be exchangeable for GLX token on public exchanges and directly with Globcoin team.

By acquiring the GCP, users can have access to the platform and trade currency baskets such as the Global Currency (GLX) without paying any fee according to the following schedule:
From 001 to 1,000 USD — Amount in USD X 0,40 %
From 1001 to 10,000 USD — Amount in USD X 0,30 %
From 10,001 to 100,000 USD — Amount in USD X 0,20 %
From 100,001 to 1,000,000 USD — Amount in USD X 0,10 %

Example: An investor wants to buy GLX for an amount of USD 1,000 000. To have access to the liquidity of the Globcoin platform and to have zero fee to pay, he needs to hold: (1,000 x 0.004) + (9,000 x 0.003) + (90,000 x 0.002) + (900,000 x 0.001) = 4+27+180+900=1111 GCP. If GCP s market price is still 1/100 ETH ie 8 USD at current price, that represents 8,888 USD or 0.88 % of the amount traded. If he does not own the GCP, he has to buy GLX from an existing holder at an exchange that will probably cost him between 1% and 4 % for each trade, whilst the GCP is allowing an unlimited number of trades. In addition to this, the access provided by GCP is not limited in terms of number of trades. So with 1111 GCP he will be able to trade as many times as he wants up to an amount of USD 1 000 000. To analyze the dynamics of the business model, we have to assume that the value of a platform-utility token such as the GCP is the value of the services and discount it provides.

Because the GCP is the base currency for Globcoin Platform and we already have a 5 year existing proven product, the first basket (GLX), and the experience of clients for it. We are also confident that the Global Currency Basket (GLX) will create a significant network effect that will provide an exponential growth potential. We also had requests for other type of baskets on the GLX model by several institutions. With every new user of the currency baskets, the demand for GCP grows and let us remember it is a very scalable product. Growing demand means a growing GCP price as the supply of GCP is limited to 510'000'000.

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