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In my everyday life I meet more and more people who are asking about cryptocurrencies, or blockchain, or how it all works together, how it influence the whole world? And even more people don’t ask those questions just because they are afraid they won’t understand it all. For some people everything new, especially technologies, is scary in some way so they just won’t touch it. But the crypto world is developing and growing with a huge speed and we better know about it in details soonner than later to be part of it and develop together with a blockchain world.
And guess what?! ExtraCredit is this very project which will give us opportunity to learn about it, put away our fears and become a part of the blockchain magic world.

Crypto world is growing, righ? More and more new ICOs are coming on the crypto fild. But how many experts do we have? Is it enough? Of course — not!
Lack of experts create a big demand of them. And our universities don’t teach it. ExtraCredit gives opportunyti to become one of them. Isn’t awesome?

There are many industries that benefit from the potentials of blockchain technology are(just some of them):
• The banking industry
• Cybersecurity
• Election management
• Supply chain management
• Logistics and the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Public archival

Transparency. The possibility of sharing and transparency of actions can’t but attract the large commercial and government organizations tired of the “shadow” party of business.
Reliability. It is almost impossible to change or forge the records entered in the register a blockchain. This circumstance considerably reduces the probability of fraud and strengthens confidence in the authenticity of data.
Lack of a human factor. As I have already mentioned in the first point, a peer algorithm of reaching consensus, record, and verification of transactions happen is transparent also without the involvement of the third, fourth, fifth and tenth parties. It helps to avoid undesirable mistakes, additional expenses, and the general working difficulties.
Interaction. Thanks to a blockchain, completion of one operation can automatically start initialization of others. It allows different participants to be involved without excess risk in transactions with multiple dependencies or in the transactions started by other parties;
Safety. The system a blockchain ensures safety and confidentiality of transactions for 100%. It is reached by basing it on the protocol which uses cryptography system with open and closed by keys. Participants can create open public registers or the controlled closed blockchains, use of which will be limited to a certain circle of people.
Thanks to it, each year scope the blockchain growing like an avalanche: new startups, appear
new technologies, and products on the basis of blockchain are started, even the largest world companies will be connected to a blockchain-race.
So! Let’s take a look at the ExtraCredit platform, and what it is, and what the project offers us!

ExtraCredit is a platform that seeks to solve the lack of skilled talent in the blockchain industry by producing a platform where students of all ages can start learning about cryptocurrency.
The platform works on an incentive basis where there are competitions conducted and students are given the opportunity to earn XTRA tokens when they complete courses or achieve good scores in any of the competitions.
ExtraCredit platform is intended to offer opportunities to people around the world, even a newbie to learn and delve into the wealth of opportunities that come alongside blockchain technology.

Statement of the problem
Despite the apparent importance of blockchain technology, firms are facing a serious problem getting qualifi ed personnel that can work in their firms.
At the moment experts believe that there are only 20,000 blockchain developers with the necessary skills.
Most of Africa and parts of Asia can benefit greatly from blockchain technology, but there is no access to information or knowledge to these parts. This is a global shortage.
Since blockchain technology is a emerging technology, there are no colleges that provide a formal education.

The Extra Credit Solution
An Evolving Learning Portal Our mission with Extra Credit (XTRA) & BitcoinHomework is to provide a learning portal for people with varying levels of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. BitcoinHomework will be a hub for sharing ideas as well as learning about the many facets around cryptocurrencies. On the platform students both new, and experienced to cryptocurreny can engage in a rich, vibrant and ever-changing crypto learning community. That engagement will consist of online course subscriptions — some of which are free and/or sponsored (and free) from our industry partners, as well as participate in discussions and debates in our various chat rooms and forums.
Community, Partners, Sponsors & Content Contributors
The landscape of crypto is ever-changing, our content will be updated by our content contributing partners, and the ability to up or down vote ensure our students are getting the most current learning information that is available. BitcoinHomework will engage with thousands of content contributors, pioneers and leaders in the crypto industry who will be considered our valued partners. Their content contributions to BitcoinHomework will be rewarded through course commissions from the students who enroll in their paid courses. 8 08 — THE EXTRA CREDIT SOLUTION Other earning opportunities and incentives will be implemented as students begin to enroll in our many online courses. We will also be working with industry partners such as cryptocurrency trading exchanges & hardware providers (cold wallet storage devices) and other such providers where their products and/or services can directly reach their desired audience who can learn about their products/services via approved training courses and enable the student to commit from an informed/educated position. There will also be an online marketplace where approved vendors can sell their BitcoinHomework approved products for Extra Credit (XTRA) tokens that can be shipped worldwide. We have many great plans for Extra Credit & BitcoinHomework, and we need your support to help bring cryptocurrency education to people.
A Working Learning Platform
We’re proud to announce that as of the release date of this whitepaper that we have a fully working Cryptocurreny learning platform. The concept of BitcoinHomework was seeded by our founder years ago and as the idea has grown and evolved and the team has grown so has the development of our platform. The years of concept proofing, prototyping, and development that is already behind us is a free added benefit to our ICO investors who will see a working product and a return for their investment sooner than most ICO’s. Investors will get exclusive access to the platform during our stress test period as well as other added token holders benefits such as exclusive course discounts for life.

The Extra Credit “XTRA” Token Sale & Specifi cs are as follows:
XTRA Token is an ERC20 Token
XTRA ICO will have a fi xed Token Price AND Fixed Token Supply = Fixed Cap on Funds Raised Token Sale Price is fi xed @ $0.10
The number of Tokens issued will be equivalent to the amount of approved currency contributed by the investor and divided by the fi xed Token Sale Price of $0.10
Tokens Issued:
100M Tokens for Pre-Sale
NB: Pre-Sale has a minimum purchase requirement of 25,000 Tokens (or $2,500)
20M Tokens given away in bonuses to all Pre-Sale Investors (equivalently a 20% bonus)
300M Tokens Sold at ICO Public Sale NB: Public Sale has a minimum purchase requirement of 500 Tokens (or $50)
150M Tokens Held By Extra Credit Team in a public wallet
25M Token Allowance for our ICO Referral Program held in a public wallet
5M Tokens Reserved for Bug Bounty & Promotions held in a public wallet
600M Total Tokens Issued
Extra credit is the first decentralized blockchain educational platform which also incentivizes its users. It will educate people about blockchain technology and will help them to make careers in this field as there is high demand of blockchain experts in the market. Extra Credit will empower people to learn about cryptocurrency and will revolutionize the market by providing blockchain experts.

WEBSITE - https://extracredit.io
WHITEPAPER - https://extracredit.io/PDF-Files/Extra-Credit-WP.pdf
ANN THREAD - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2638162
TELEGREM - https://t.me/ExtraCreditToken
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/extracredit.io
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/BitcoinHomework

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