Lance Chain ICO review

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Description Lance Chain ICO

A decentralised freelance platform/marketplace where freelancers and project owners can trade services with no commissions for both parties and be provided with an effortless transaction experience.


Lance Chain is promoted as “the freelance revolution”. It aims to make changes to the existing freelance ecosystem by removing the middleman and the commission charges and security/privacy risks that come with the structure of freelance markets today. The mission simply is to bring the freelancer closer to the customer, and vice versa. This is achieved in numerous ways including the escrow payment services via smart contracts and the dispute settlements that will be expanded upon further in this article.


The most important aspect of this freelance revolution that the marketing campaign covers is decentralisation! Lance Chain isn’t reinventing the wheel, they’re just making it a little bit better by getting rid of the central authority. This means that freelancers no longer have to worry about the haphazard suspension of their accounts.
In addition, because the system is run on the ethereum blockchain, guaranteed payment processes using smart contracts will be in place and dispute settlement mechanisms are in place by giving other LANC token holders the responsibility based on merit to ensure that any work done for a customer meets the desired professional standards. Even the dispute settlement process includes the incentive for the settler as well as split fees between the project owner and freelancer for the resolution. Additional earning is also on offer to freelancers that participate in talent recognition and early adopters programmes.
The tiered subscription plans for freelancers and business owners will range from basic to plus and premium which will be the most comprehensive of all the three. The subscription service will be starting at $19 according to the whitepaper which claims to save Lance Chain users thousands of dollars when compared with other freelance services like Fiverr or Upwork.

Team & Partnerships

Georgi Dzhupanov is a Bulgarian entrepreneur and project manager as well as the CEO of Lance Chain. He and his entire team are passionate about blockchain technology and claim to collectively have over 10 years of experience utilizing freelance platforms from both the project owner and freelancer perspectives. They believe that after years of coping with fees, a decentralised, commission-less freelance marketplace is what most users of these services really want and is finally a possibility using blockchain technology. Funds raised from the ICO will also be used to further expand on the current core team in expectations of upscaling requirements.
The team also realises that to face all the competition in the freelancing space, their marketing strategy will have to be a huge success with the public. Their focus is to provide engaging content that focuses on the goals of the platform. The message of 0% fees will undoubtedly be found appealing by the freelancers and even business owners looking to cut costs on their procurement services. They have also acquired top IT services to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of the brand to increase awareness and thereby engagement as a result. This is an effective marketing strategy to ensure that unpaid and organic results and users follow the platform’s activities and become actively involved once they have benefited from the numerous programs and incentives in store.

ICO Details

The maximum supply of LANC (Lance Chain Tokens) is 96.8 million and is currently in the private sale stage. The pre-sale and ICO will be held sometime in the second quarter of 2018 and listing on exchanges is set to occur during the 3rd quarter according to the roadmap. The price of LANC tokens is currently being advertised at 42% discount from the pre-sale prices of 1,900 LANC to 1 ETH. Other ICO rounds after this see the price slowly increase at 1,650 LANC = 1 ETH in Round 1 and 1,400 LANC = 1 ETH in Round 2. Participation in the private sale comes from an acceptance of your application, the steps of which are easy to follow from the link provided below.

Lance Chain also announced the affiliate programme they are running for the upcoming ICO which will give bonuses of up to 10% of purchased tokens and the web and mobile app platforms are set to launch in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 respectively according to the whitepaper which can be found at https://www​​.Information on the distribution of tokens, details of the affiliate programme and how to get involved in the private sale can also be found on their front page website at ​​.

Team Lance Chain


The Lance Chain core team boasts quite impressive software expertise and capability amongst its members and their collective experience with successfully running a software project from the ground up is promising. To conclude, in a society where blockchain tech is becoming more widely accepted and the freelance marketplace feels ready for some positive change, Lance Chain seems like the ideal avenue for the start of a revolution.

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