Review of the game platform BETHASH, which is built on the blockchain

BetHash has made a revolution in the world of gambling, and lottery. Ask why it is called revolution? I will answer you, this project decided to move from the traditional path of development to a fully decentralized one, using a new blockchain technology. BetHash is a gaming platform (gambling, lotteries), which aims to solve many existing problems in that industry, and to return people to the craving for former excitement in games.

This BetHash gaming platform is built on EOS blockchain technology. On it, people can bet on various events using Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, platforms token HASH , and with the help of other cryptocurrencies. Among other things, BetHash platform also deals with several ways to prove the usefulness of cryptocurrencies , and their acceptance by the society.

On the gaming platform BetHash there is a large selection of games for every taste of players. BetHash provides players with a large selection of games not only in dice, blackjack, baccarat, but also many other games.

Gaming platform BetHash is the exclusive platform of all occurring to me earlier. Only a day after the launch, it was joined by a huge number of users, about 200,000, and they continue to arrive.

BetHash is not only a gaming platform where you can just play games, but it is also a platform for making money, as it offers its users to receive dividends. On the platform BetHash ROI (betting income) is significantly higher than on other platforms. This platform has the ability to pay up to 161% ROI for each game that involves betting.

Platform BetHash has its own token for the payment, which is called HASH. This token is already traded on the internal exchange of the platform, and on the external cryptocurrency exchange Newex. This token will be shared between platform users. It is received as dividends. The platform token HASH can be earned as dividends from the game, or you can buy it and hold it.

Let's take a look at how this happens:

Let's say someone plays on the platform, he gets loyalty points for the game, which are called HPOINT. This is not all, HPOINT can earn by inviting people to the platform, this is the so-called referral system, well, or just hold the HASH token, with this you will also receive income in HPOINT. HPOINT is converted to a platform token HASH , in an 8:1 ratio.

It looks like this:

Let's say you have 3000 HPOINT, we divide these HPOINT by 8, that is 3000 divided by 8, it turns out 375. You will receive 375 tokens HASH.
Thus, point loyalty HPOINT can be used to play on bets, they can also be used to buy a platform token HASH, and participate in a decentralized jackpot, which usually appears in a few minutes.

Sum up:

Gaming platform BetHash built on the blockchain EOS, and uses all the transaction hashes EOS for many games on the platform. This BetHash gaming platform is ready to offer adequate and fair transparency of all events taking place on the platform. For those who love dice gambling, everything will be fair and with the consent of others. There will be no question of manipulation by the casino. In general, I will say for sure, the gaming platform BetHash will be the best choice for those who love gambling. I fully support the development of this platform, so I advise you. If you certainly love gambling and lotteries, and are ready to participate in them without any restrictions.

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I recommend everyone to participate in our time can not do without the blockchain technology, so the tokenization of the business or any startup-is a reasonable solution.A large-scale project with a team of professionals.

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This is an interesting platform,

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