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IoT devices are in the process of acceptance by general population and smart devices are currently part of our lives, but their influence will be greater in the future. At the moment, producers of IoT devices are the only one to profit from them, because they are selling multiple data collected from devices that are used, aggregate them and provide as a final product for marketing, regarding people general behavior related to gender and age, since IoT devices can collect all those data while working for our comfort. Now, there is also a way for the user to get additional benefits from their IoT devices.
uPlexa https://uplexa.com/ has a great and innovative idea to use the aggregated power of IoT devices, to support anonymous payments, mostly for telecommunication services and anonymous e-commerce, while support IoT transaction mining. Mining will be available directly through web interface or through application on the device, and all kinds of IoT devices will be accepted and supported.
Since BTC lived through high acceptance rate with challenges related to number of transactions, all competitors have to think through options for this kind of congestion, and uPlexa came up with utilization of Near-Zero Congestion Model, with adaptive fees related to payment scale.
The process of mining which is based on web browsing is following, website owners requires permission from users to mine on their IoT devices, while they are surfing on the web. Mined tokens are placed in owner’s wallet, but under user profile, and owner shall provide some comparable benefit for the user. In the moment when user want to deploy tokens, the tokens are transferred from the user profile to the owner, and owner provide benefit for the user. All this is done and supervised by uPlexa API.

Whitepaper: https://uplexa.com/content/uPlexa-Whitepaper-EN.pdf
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1573369

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