TokenData – crypto trading platform for all crypto currencies

The whole idea behind crypto platform that is comprising all crypto currencies is in the fact that average ROI, if you have invested the same amount in all crypto currencies that happened on the market, you will have positive ROI. Since the deployment of Bitcoin in 2008, crypto currencies are in constant development phase, with phases of large upswing of price, which are followed by steep decline.
Based on above mentioned, TokenData has developed valuation method that is customized for crypto assets, and does not follow logic of traditional assets financial markets, with Big data opportunities and Machine learning included in the story. Machine learning technology is analyzing Big data that are available on the market and provides indicators and trends in the market. Goal is to provide investors with right tool to make better investments and smart decisions, based on analyzed data from the market.
Company will offer certain rights to holders of TDA tokens, which will enable them to share profit, as 30% of TokenData profit will be available for share between token holders, discount on license prices, for which a minimum number of tokens that need to be hold will be set and availability of services, based on the fact that user is token holder.
Since the beginning of ICO procedure on the market, there was a ton of ICOs, but one that should be mentioned is EOS, that collected more than 4 billion USD in the process. Difference between ICO and IPO, that is common for financial markets, is that all investors have a chance to be in process of company development, first stage or start-up stage, which was reserved for Venture capitalist in the past, since this was connected to large money investments. This has two opposite sides, on the first side, there is a large opportunity to be in the first phase of rise and development, where the company value can grow multiple times and possible ROI is greater than 10 times. On the other side, there is a risk of company failure, or ICO scam, that could leave small investor without money. These two sides are separated by good analysis of company vision, strategy, team behind the project, which would increase the success rate for investment, which of course could not be positive every time. The fact that the possibility of success is not 100% percent, is requiring from investors to invest in different projects to be successful on average, that is called distributed investment.

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