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Connection between consumers and business is always important, and a merchant would like to keep their image in public as „as best as possible “. Currently, this is obtained through different provider sites, that comprise consumers, which review merchant services. On the beginning, users reviewed merchants as a service for other users, and for their benefit, when other users review merchants that they are interested in. Of course, users understood that this is a free labor for them, and only benefit is for the website, that is provider of the service. As next step, review websites offered users better status as compensation for their reviews, on the base of the number of reviews that user is providing on the website. That lasted for some time, but users wanted more compensation for their reviews, and websites connected with merchants, to provide benefits for high-status users, as different types of discounts.
With the deployment of blockchain technologies, it is possible to reward users for each labor done for review and Pozess https://pozess.io/ is deploying protocol, that will reward users. It will reward it for curation of fashion accessories, luxury goods and lifestyle products. Users will earn cryptocurrency rewards for posting, liking images, and all other social activities that provide benefit for the merchant. Mobile and web-platform will be provided for user best experience. Since this will be deployed on the blockchain, it will be immutable and transparent.
Roadmap defines 2019 as the year for development and acquisition of users that will provide reviews. On the beginning Pozess foreseen utility token, but this is revised and Security token offering will be held.
Users will be provided with solution for curation with adding of new product images and invite their producers to join Pozess, discover new products on the blockchain that are added by different users, rewards for their effort, feel as a part of the community, direct payment through in-app wallet and beneficial customer support.
Merchants will be mentioned by users, and invited to join Pozess and social network and communicated directly with consumers, without middleman like those mentioned on the start of the article. Additionally, Pozess will enable merchants with global shipping and tracking solution, with number of worldwide shipping companies included in the solution, for shipment of their goods in all parts of the world. Payment will be enabled in PZS tokens, that will decrease all applicable fees.
To summarize, compared to traditional marketplace Pozess will offer decentralized, blockchain enabled networking model, rewards for users that are proactive on social networks and provide review and comments, decrease fees through direct crypto currency payments.
Incentives will be provided for all users, as periodical distribution of PZS tokens for actions that will enhance community and increase Pozess network value, such as linking social accounts, quality reviews and posts, loyalty reward for usage of application, reputation reward based on connection history and different promotion and advertising rewards.
Roadmap foreseen beginning of STO and competition of alpha version of application for the first quarter of this year and full version of iOS and Android is planned for start of next year.
Project website: https://pozess.io/
Project ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5076139.0
Project whitepaper: https://www.pozess.com/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1573369

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