PetChains – Pets short video platform

Pet lowers are always trying to find a new way to improve life of their beloved pets, and to provide more of a decent life for them. Today, you can find almost everything for your pet, including most of the thing that you would seek for your child earlier, things like toys, clothes, food and snacks etc. It is a completely new world for your house animal, and types of animals that people are having at their home is broadened completely.
Now, pet loving is coming in crypto world, with first short video platform, aiming to share videos of interesting things that your pet can do, but also as system for information sharing, trading of pets related staff, and all services for pets. Petchains shall be one global spot and serve as ecosystem for improvement of pet life and care.
System behind the decentralized application service is based on social networking is mining concept where different actions from the user will be followed by provided support from other users, and that effort will result in positive feedback and reward for content making user. Up to 90% of advertisement money, collected from pet food and toy brands and manufacturers, will be shared with users through these incentives. Social mining is low energy consumption model, specially when compared to BTC, but promote community development and improvement, through interaction between interested parties on a global scale. Idea behind the project is broader than only pet live enhancement, since information regarding pets will be stored on the blockchain, accessible and it will be possible for previous users to have insight in the life of their former pets, but also to improve animal life in general.
Platform have plan to serve different services in horizontal and vertical sub-division of the market and to provide sharing point for pet virtual games, trading, breeding, electronics for pets, platform for communities to share their information, pet related products center, artificial intelligence testing place and medical products info center.
PTCS token will also serve as a point for connection between animal lovers within animal community that are serving the animals in the shelters and have a lot of information regarding animal living and problems, as well as solutions, but limited funds for running a shelter for animals, and pet lovers that are willing to provide for their pets, but have limited resources when comes to knowledge regarding different pet issues and solutions. PTCS shall be the way for connection and should generally improve lives from both sides on the spectrum. It is a human and animal friendly idea that enhance possibility for success for this project.
Data privacy on the network shall be strong, and Petchains will share only essential data with relevant parties, based on user approval. PetChains will provide transparent information of animals, their health status, global interaction between interested parties, real-time communication through the platform, health status alarms for signification exams appointments, data on the network shall be verified and communication gap in the pet industry shall be reduced.
ICO is in progress, soft cap is on 5000 ETH and current incentive for buyers is 45%.


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