Liven Pay

Liven is an existing mobile payment and loyalty platform for the food and beverage industry, that is aiming to facilitate usage of crypto currencies in everyday payment through rewards and incentives that will be sent to Liven wallet. This shall resolve issue in the real world, that user do not use crypto currencies in everyday transactions, because of high volatility and speed of transactions.

What is proposed, is that Liven platform will be upgraded to support dual market system, to process transactions in fiat currencies and ERC-20 LVN tokens, and to reward users with LVN tokens in the process. Liven ecosystem currently comprise more than thousand shops and retailers, and keep counting. Users will be able to use their rewards for purchase in-app or through charity process. LVN to fiat conversion rate will be available in the application.

Idea is to enable establishment of liquid token economy, that will be based on LVN token, fiat crypto currencies and blockchain. Blockchain will enable LVN ecosystem to provide additional services to their existing users, so Liven presume this as win-win situation. Ecosystem is comprised from liven platform, users, merchants, e-commerce stores, charities and external token exchanges. User is the main part of ecosystem, and each transaction initiated by the user setup a reward protocol, through which user receives LVN tokens in their wallet, based on the amount that is provided. Merchants are incentivised to join Liven through increased exposure to an engaged and relevant audience, where listing is free, but service fee is processed based on success of transactions.

Total supply of tokens is 10 billion, with 30% reserved for reward cache, 30% available for sale, 15% as reserve tokens and 25% as incentive tokens. Initial sale will provide 3 billion tokens, and price is 0.015 USD/LVN, with target to raise 28 million USD.

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