Knowledge sharing database – Omnity

Financial wealth is on one side of the story, but knowledge is on the other side. Knowledge is so important today, because people with knowledge are highly useful and sought-after. Since the knowledge is so important, it is good to have it on different places, for it to be indestructible.
For the reference, we could remember ourselves on great library in Alexandria, that was struck with fire in early age, and enormous collection of knowledge and written sources about life in before that, and these documents are priceless from the historical point of view to understand early civilizations. If that fire could be prevented, or we had copies of those document on other places, we would have incomparably more documents and sources from the time, and our understanding of that could be different.

In our time, we can prevent this kind of catastrophe with a multiple location, where we store copies of important documents, and IT industry has a policy to have backup recovery centres, or even disaster recovery centres, that work in parallel with primary centres, and hold all the documents on the second location, that is situated in a location that is geographically distant from the primary location.

When we translate above mentioned issues to world knowledge that should be available to everyone, we do not need primary and recovery location, we need decentralized infrastructure that will ensure that knowledge is available on multiple sites, within group of independent people, so that knowledge will not be limited by decision of any person or regulatory body. Omnity is planned to provide exactly this feature, as a knowledge database, that is immutable, self-referenced and easy to use, since it is enough to upload document to Omnity server, and it will be referenced by proprietary algorithm and self-assemble into group of commons in Omnity database. Software will recognize document only by content, quality and relevance and not based on the prestige of the authors, which is a regular bias in science. Context around the content of the article/document that is published will have constant change to be relevant in any given moment, even if the content of the document is not changed. Decentralization will enable that even if the document is damaged on one location, it can self-heal through relevant and immutable documentation on all other decentralized locations.

Omnity is not foreseen as non-profit science project, and it will have revenue through three types of users, first is free use for all participants, second is token based consumption of the documentation and third is Enterprise-scale consumption, where all companies from Fortune 500 list are foreseen and many others.



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