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Idea behind Kleyn Bank is to open new chapter in digital banking and connection of worldwide businesses. Kleyn Bank service shall be recognized by all mayor financial institutions, in compliance with standards and regulations, safe for all participants, but also high quality, secure and user friendly service that should disrupt the digital banking. Blockchain based token will be introduced as part of Global community ecosystem, that will deliver this change. Company is registered on Malta.
Idea is to provide all users worldwide with service that is easy to reach and under full control of the user, since it is built on blockchain, as well as borderless, for all user to connect without governmental or border restrictions. It will serve both, fiat and crypto, and could be used for everyday payments and services.
Up to now, blockchain is accepted as a means for transactions, record keeping, financial management, corporate governance, and now Kleyn Bank is planning to deploy it to easy the use of Digital Banking through unique desktop and mobile application that can serve all purposes.
Solutions for following issues are part of KleynBank strategy:

  • Payment through application is enabled with Digital currencies, not only fiat currencies
  • Fingerprint scanner as a means of security is enabled in the application, which simplifies often complicated payment process due to different types and levels of security within payment system
  • Kleyn Bank app shall deliver one stop solution for all trading requirement, for individuals and institutions. This should integrate all current trading platforms in one solution and minimize time for decision
  • Free of charge will be provide excellent market tool for forex trading with real time monitoring of market data, and possibility of trading
  • Kleyn Bank plan to develop an instrument for debt lending through crypto currency, which will enable and facilitate lending through crypto currencies, but also raise of capital funds similar to crowdfunding
  • Nevertheless, insurance will be provided through blockchain and crypto, for users to easily insure their investment on the market
    With above mentioned in mind, Kleyn Bank aim to provide following – facilitation of trading, application implemented on blockchain and to accelerate mass adoption of crypto economy ecosystem with provision of advanced ecosystem for users.
    Products and Services will comprise following groups:
  • E-commerce gateway integration
  • Trading services
  • Point of sale software
  • Insurance service
    From above, most innovative is point of sale software that will connect your fingerprint with your credit card or bank account and provide fingerprint as a means of security during transaction. This will facilitate and speed up the payment process, which can provide advantage on the market and increase Kleyn Bank market share.
    ICO started on 15. Nov 2018, and there are four phases:
  • Pre-round, which is already finished
  • Round 1, which is currently in progress and aim is Exchange development
  • Round 2 with aim to develop payment gateway and infrastructure
  • Round 3 with aim for Banking license and Insurance business
    Team fund is minimized on 5% and 78% of token is planned to be distributed to Investors through ICO.

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[15 November, 2018 - 15 February, 2019]

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