Internet of things – Honeypod

Internet of things was few years ago a thing of the future, but now it is a reality, since most smart devices that are available in our homes or offices are connected to the internet and communicate with other devices. However, with a lot of positive effects that this industry is processing, there is also a bunch of negative effects that are present in the industry. IoT devices send different data regarding place in which they are mounted and installed, and these data could be private, and influence privacy of persons that are using IoT devices. Since there is a privacy issue, obviously it is important to have improved security in the network.
Development of IoT device industry is also in the process within industrial segment, and these data could influence proper work of the industry processes, if they are leaking due to low security.

With a vision that all devices that are already parts of our lives, will be connected to internet, Honeypod plan to be in the center of that interconnection, and to provide complete control and security of all internet connections, as a main hub, with a focus on internet privacy, speed and payment processing.
Main component of Honeypod plan is a hardware unit, that will provide direct connection between internet router, with a goal to stop all unwanted data, requests and scripts, so that they do not enter home system that is connected to the internet. Idea behind top security is that Honeypod device will work on highest level page, in a way to be undetectable, so it cannot be stopped, blocked or bypassed.

Honeypod will enable users to have control over these issues, since all of the devices are providing data regarding privacy issues, that are used for building of general picture regarding habits of the population, based on age and gender, it is important to have control over the data, and device will enable that for all users. Moreover, websites are tracking user activities on the website, to improve their statistics, and adjust banner and advertising prices, based on the usage data. One of the applications that could be used without banners and advertisements is Brave browser and with that browser one can feel how different scripts that are collecting data regarding your internet usage and habits can slower your internet experience.

HNY token will be used through Byzantine Fault Tolerance to reach consensus for approval of secure connection, or is the SSL certificate valid for the connection and secure. If it is not valid, Honeypod will create signed certificate to secure connection, and avoid Man-in-the-Middle issue, that is threat to all connections, because the data could leak outside. Honeypod works as a DNS server to prevent the threat. It is based on Stellar algorithm, as a mechanism of confirmation that data has reached their destination without been interrupted in the process.

Honeypod tokens have abbreviation HNY, which is tradeable, and allow both, the user and the service to transact mutually through Honeypod.
Public sales is set to begin on March, 25. Soft cap is set on 2 million USD.


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