Impala Coin – Future of trade and banking in Africa

Impala Coin will provide answers to cross border limitation in African financial sector. Current development of financial institutions in Africa and penetration of universal banking services are calling for new and unique solutions for fast penetration in the area. This shall enable the continent to have fast through passage through current deficiencies in the development. Conservative solutions will need plenty of time to develop sufficient financial solutions to provide users with quality experience comparable with solutions in developed countries.
ICM will build large offline and online proposal for blockchain, that will be backed by Impala Pay digital banking network, to build cross border ecosystem and enable cross border trading and banking services, based on ICM that will circulate through the network. ICM is pioneer in peer to peer token transfer and currently provide access to more than 180 million wallets and 200 thousand merchants. This enabled to fast development of electronic digital payments in Africa.
Ecosystem will provide mobile point of sale as a proprietary functionality of the system, and also open API interface for mobile money networks, which covers 117 countries at the moment.
Since this is working solution, there is a question, why they need additional money, and Impala is raising money for liquidity provision in the network for real time payments and exchange, acquisition of licenses for new markets, advertisement and marketing activities, acquisition of target companies and subsequent research and development for new and improved solutions.
Impala pay hub will be connection between users and merchants, and provide intra African trade with solution that is viable. Proposed mobile wallet for usage in the network will be Comet wallet, that is hybrid wallet for both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, with security protocols enabled to provide users with additional security through sms notification, biometric finger and facial recognition login feature. Wallet is available on google play -
Solution will be provided with blockchain powered PoS terminals, that will be based on Android, enable cryptocurrency wallets, traditional mobile wallets, sell and buy of crypto currencies. Payment will be enabled, as well as QR code for fast recognition.
Capital markets for Impala are East Africa with Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, then Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Zimbabwe. In cooperation with Stellar and local banking system, Impala will establish localized crypto currency ecosystem. Competition in the field comprise from banks, that are trusted in the area, but maintenance and fees are too high for the region population, direct payment companies (WU, VISA) that have focus on institutions and have high fees for cross border payments and telecommunication companies mobile wallets that are limited to certain countries and also limited by rules that shall be followed in the area.
ICM will develop blockchain based on Stellar, to speed up transactions and lower fees. There will be 270 million tokens, and presale price is 15 cents, public sale will go up to 18 cents. All unsold tokens will be burned and there will be no further issuance of tokens. More information in whitepaper:


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