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I am writing again regarding HubrisOne, since this solution for global marketplace is something that business world should know about.
In this modern world, application like HubrisOne, which provides users with B2B and P2P communication, for buy, sell and trade opportunities, on the blockchain technology that is instantaneous and transparent and have no limitations regarding type of business that you are in, is remarkable. Consumers will be able to make cross-border payments in a matter of few clicks, and transaction would be fast as well, with cost effectivity and low fees in mind, it sounds like perfect solution. Live tracking of payments will allow users to know where their money is, in real time, on mobile phone.
At the moment, there is a growing list of companies that are joining the waitlist for the base to start and possibility to download application and start you journey on the HubrisOne experience. It would be that you could receive your fiat payment and then convert it to any cryptocurrency of your choice, in a few clicks in the application.
HBRS token that will power the blockchain will have potential to grow, since there will be quarterly burning of coins, with 100 coins burned for each new user that joins the community. First burn is planned on the end of the first quarter 2019. Cannot wait to happen. It will also provide users with access to premium features in the platform and application, which will be out-of-reach without HBRS tokens, or user will have to pay for them. HBRS will also provide users with different discounts, such as integrated exchange and cryptocurrency lending feature. Company will, as well, reward consumers with HBRS tokens for different tasks that they will done on the platform, for example trading and purchase with debit card.
Payments will be done on Stellar blockchain.
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