Crypto currencies are in the early phase of development, and there is a lot of issues that are settled as the situation is approaching them. Consumers are not in first sight right now, and enthusiast are here to try their luck with the currencies and ideas they believe in. It is the same as in many other industries that were in the early phase of development, until the industry mature and enter the next development phase, where adoption is increased to broader population. That phase is requiring another approach and user-friendly solutions, that will provide consumers with good experience is system usage. It is crucial for development to increase number of users, and to enter next phase, and general adoption phase after that. Number of BTC users at the moment does not satisfy number of people involved in cryptocurrencies, but foreseen number of users in five years could be enough for even increased number of workers involved in crypto currency industry.

One solution that comprise different aspects of crypto world, and provide users with good experience while having the need for exchange their coins, taking part in ICO or SCO offerings and distributions, need to understand the blockchain and advantages that are offered with the solution is needed on the market. Solution have to be there to improve user experience and to increase number of people interested in crypto world.

Highbank https://highbank.io/ is planning to provide solution for all above mentioned, with solution for all ICO issues – accessibility of ICO platforms and visibility of new ICOs, feeling that ICO can be successful, since Investor is providing their money into ideas that they believe in. We had a lot of investments in ICO that were failures, just because that investments were based on a hype in the market, when crypto was in bull run during 2017. Many of those investments failed and there is a lack of trust in the market currently, but a lot of scams as well. Market is not regulated well, and there is a lack of benchmark sites that will discuss ICOs and the feasibility of ideas that are provided with those ICOs. Highbank will offer an unique place that will offer the review of ICOs by dynamic community, comprising people with same goal, to make investment that will work for them and earn money for them in the long run. It will be offered for both, Investors and Companies that are providing ICOs to fund their business.

Feature that will be offered and important for ICO distribution is seamless token distribution, that will be done by one button, based on a smart contract for all investors included in ICO.

Decentralized exchange, as a basic idea of Highbank project, is important feature, since it is excluding single point of failure, that could be very challenging for typical exchange, or brokerage. Exchange shall provide high liquidity, minimum fee structure, decentralization will provide no downtime feature, transparency, multiple currency pairs for each coin, array of payments and user-friendly interface.

Highbank softcap is 5 million, with hardcap of 40 million, planned supply of 100 million and price per token 1USD. Mainnet launch is planned for Q1 2021.

Whitepaper: https://highbank.io/HighBank_Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/HIGH888

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