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Location based services are established with development of mobile phone technology and practical fact connected to it that mobile providers are aware where each their number is, based on a fact that they know on which mobile base station is currently signed on. Since the distance between mobile base stations is decreasing, and their coverage is smaller, due to density of users, and also nature of connection, where based on signal volume, distance between mobile phone and mobile base station can be calculated. Exact position of each user can be defined with triangulation from at least three base stations that receive signal from that user mobile phone. Of course, mobile providers do not want the position of each user, and that is not even allowed, because of privacy, they can establish models of movement for their groups of users, and send instant messages to the numbers, based on their relative position near shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants or similar event facilities, that want advertising services.
GoWithMe want to translate this service to blockchain and to provide first decentralized location based service. They are aiming to provide trusted geospatial exchange service that will apply blockchain to the real economy.
What is the difference, one would ask. There is a significant difference in the fact that this network will be decentralized and mobile provider network and provided data are centralized in few mobile providers per region. They can sell those data on high price rate, provide little or no update, and neglect user privacy for their location and movement. Provided solution by GoWithMe is three-in-one solution – spatial consensus, location-based distribution and space co-governance that shall ensure building of a healthy eco-system. Development will be prioritized in regions with developing countries and large population, Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and Africa, where more than 4 billion people is living. First development will be Indonesia, which is fourth country by population in the world.
More technical details on the project and breakthroughs in blockchain technology that are proposed can be found on the website http://www.gowithmi.com/ and in the whitepaper http://image.gowithmi.com/en/whitepaper.pdf.

GMAT is the token behind the project, which is developed as Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract token, which will be converted with 1:1 ration to native coin after launch of mainnet. Total number of tokens is 14,9 billion, and private sale will cover 15%, while public sale will cover 5%. Land rights will be proved through unique and non-fungible tokens (NFTS) based on ERC721 protocol.

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