Global sharing platform for renting of underutilized assets – Rento

Renting of assets that are needed only in defined period of time is the best way to optimize expenses, and there is a lot of different companies that are providing renting of assets. Most of those companies are focused on part of the market and particular equipment that they are providing. On the other side, there is a lack of companies that cover the whole market in this interesting area. With blockchain and crypto market that offer global support and coverage, it is possible to provide a solution for renting on the global scale, and between companies and consumers on that scale. Rento is a company that offers exactly solution like the proposed.

Plan is to provide a rentable solution for all items that could only be purchased earlier, and it will be based on smart contracts. It will be provided on an application and web platform, without restriction on the equipment that can be offered.
Renting is profitable market, and taxi applications that provide services for consumers from individuals, like cargo, uber, lyft, Yandex are the good example of profitability in the segment of services, but there are also applications like Airbnb, booking and similar that are good example in tourism industry.
Blockchain base for the service providers will provide transparency on the blockchain, low transaction fees, where middleman is not applicable, limited fraud within transparent system and risk protection based on included smart contract feature.
Peer to peer economy is on the rise, since middleman economy that flourished in last 20 years has to adapt to new requirements of millennials that want service directly from other individuals and to exclude middleman that increase final expense for the user. Rento will provide accommodation services, car hire, but also all other merchandise in the application, that will be offered by users connected to the platform. For all planned features, Rento will customize and create a proprietary blockchain solution, one of the most important features that cannot be handled on the third party blockchains is to handle disputes between users, regarding rented goods.
Renting will be done on the platform, and blockchain will be able to handle security deposits. Rento will assign packages to each newly registered user, and provide them with test packages to use Rento fee free. After start, Rento will introduce different accounts, based on usage from the user.
Rento is targeting business owners and service providers on the one side and individual or listing consumers on the other side of the spectrum. Since reviews will be on the blockchain and immutable, transparent, there are preliminary parameters to expect that user reviews will be true and respected.
Rento token symbol will be RTO, total number will be 600 million, but only 264 million will be offered for sale, with price ranging from 1 cent to 12 cents, based on the time of purchase in the ICO. It will be possible to buy tokens with fiat currencies USD, EUR and PLN, but also with large number of crypto currencies.

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