FanChain – Blockchain solution for Global Sports Industry

FanChain is foreseen to be a part of an ecosystem that comprise sport industry, and provides all participants – teams, leagues, venues, retailers, gaming companies and online platforms to have direct contact with fans.

Sport industry is growing year after year and revenues are increasing, to generate more than 700 billion USD per year, without betting industry that is experiencing steep increase in volume every year. Betting industry is providing closer connection between fans and their teams, but also increase demand for TV rights to different sports, that are now broadcasted for watching purposes, since people are betting on those matches.

FanChain solution provides teams with an opportunity to offer rewards and access to their most engaged fans, while accepting FanChain tokens for their services and merchandise in their stores. This is enabling better connection between team or league with fans, and improve fan loyalty. Fans are encouraged to support their teams in the application, through offline purpose or online presence on social networks, with token reward and fans will be able to spend earned tokens in team or league stores for merchandise, goods or exclusive content. Sport and media platforms can use FanChain tokens to increase number of viewers and participants, and to improve user generated content, which will in turn provide better viewership, revenue and adoption of their platform within general fan population.

FanChain ecosystem and process of value creation is described in whitepaper:

All teams, leagues, sport events will be mapped within FanChain account, in a public depository, and each team will have unique number identifier, that will seat between 1,000,000 to 9,999,999,999. Hierarchical structure will have general format that includes Major categorization (for example: NBA), Subcategorization (for example: Western conference), Specific entry (for example: Sacramento Kings).

FanChain token transfers and transactions will be cleared through MEW or similar ETH wallet. Next step is to develop FanWallet, that will allow visual breakdown of FanChain tokens by each team, ability to select and send specific tokens related to particular teams, to transfer specific stamped FanChain tokens to other users and to have customized offer list related to stamped tokens that are available in the wallet.

FanChain is also planning to develop FanExchange, where users can exchange stamped tokens on different teams, FanPay gateway for integration of FanChain payment into apps, websites and media and FanPrizes website, where all rewards and prizes that can be exchanged for tokens will be listed.

Total number of tokens is set on 600 million, and 330 million is foreseen to be sold in ICO.


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