ECO Start project

Environmental friendly solutions are in the loop since the world come to knowledge that if we go on like this, it will take our planet down. For sure, humans would like to stay more on this beautiful planet, and environment shall be kept the best we are capable of. It is a priority, if we want to save our planet for our children. Since many solutions are there to help people organize more environment friendlier atmosphere, some of them are on the blockchain, as transparent and immutable base for sharing of different ideas. One of such is Eco Start, a Russian start up led by Olga Bergen.
Base for the possibility to do start up for environmental challenges is the prediction that countries need to increase their spending for environment solution, and that at least 5% of GDP shall be spent for saving the environment.
EcoStart proposes solution on the blockchain, with TerraEcocoin, that will use Proof of Importance algorithm, and serves as the main source of its value, allowing carrying out all the main activities and transactions on the platform. Coin will not be mineable. It will draw attention to most important issues in the environmental challenges. Main idea behind the start up is to facilitate process of financing for environmental projects. It will be done through the process of token generation for each project. Importance algorithm will be proceeded with through user expectations and reputation, assessment from the experts in the field with cyber security in mind during processing.
EcoStart Blockchain plan to include following properties, to increase investments in green projectss - fast transactions about 100 thousand transactions per second, mobility, transparency, democracy in thinking, to lower as many as possible number of intermediaries, to deploy energy-saving verification protocol, to lower transaction cost and to deploy smart contracts with new advanced features and tools for creating it.
Main goal is to provide companies with an opportunity to raise capital to finance their ecological projects and start-ups in a more efficient, economical and secure way than the currently available classical tools. Ecostart project aim to solve one of the acute problems for investors, that is related to ecology, by using modern information technologies to create and operate a system of financing and implementing ecological measures and, as a consequence, to communicate to the ecological movement of the crypto community.
Idea is to form decentralized fund for investment in ecological projects and to establish ecological funds, which will help us to better preserve the environment. User will have the possibility to communicate their goals and needs through crypto messenger, that will be built on peer to peer technology. The messenger is created with the integration of IPFS technologies (InterPlanetary File System), whose nodes form a distributed open source filesystem, P2P (peer-to-peer) and blockbuster technologies.
It is important to mention that solution will be based on open API interface that will allow third party solution to cooperate and ensure constant improvements on the solution.
Pre-ICO and ICO platforms EcoStart will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain with the release of a token compatible with ERC20. Softcap is set on 1,2 million USD, but final goal is to collect 11,85 million USD for complete development of viable solution.

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