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Digital collectibles are making a fuss in gaming world. It is a breakthrough for in-game collection and gaming to have a possibility to collect different items, that have value and earn from gaming as an entertainment. Real world value of these collectibles is not easy to recognize for non-gaming population, and that is an obstacle for broader population coverage by digital collectibles. Companies are very interested in finding a way to connect in-game collectibles to real world value, since this will increase the number of users from gaming enthusiasts only to a broader population of crypto and digital world enthusiasts, but also to real world Investors, searching for a way of Investment.

One of the solutions for above mentioned issue is provided by Colletrix, and it is counting on four recognized parties in this process, Collectors, IP owners, Merchandisers and Crypto-enthusiasts. Collectors are collecting new and unique digital collectibles, with a full audit trail on items historical ownership and value. Because of limited supply of physical merchandise and NFT tokens, it is expected that growing demand from collectors will generate price rise. On the other hand, since this is digital asset as well, full trail on blockchain will provide trust for collectors that their asset is real and untampered by other collectors. This will increase security and trust on the platform. Intellectual property ownership is very important to developers and Colletrix is offering lifetime ownership licenses through NFT tokens. Ecosystem will provide IP owners with secondary market that will be used for IP-NFT exchange. Intellectual property owners will be rewarded with NFT based on their contribution and licenses.
Merchandisers will be provided with completely new channel for sales and marketing purposes, within trusted environment and immutable blockchain verified collectibles. Crypto enthusiasts will have the opportunity to own CIPX tokens that shall be liquid due to trading requirements for in-game collectibles. In case that number of users, IP owners and other participants in the ecosystem is increasing, CIPX token value will increase accordingly.

Foreseen issues that Colletrix will overcome are lack of mass adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, since the number of users is rising, but adoption rate is still small, and breakthrough is needed for mass adoption. Intellectual property ownership is important, and Colletrix is providing owners with lifetime licenses compared to usual situation that offer decreasing rewards for IP owners, that are diminishing with time. It is also important to have marketplace for merchandisers, and with a number of users that is rising marketplace will provide enough possibilities for merchandisers.

CIPX tokens will be provided with pairing market for the purchase of NFT tokens with CIPX. Roadmap foreseen team hiring to extend current team from may 2019, and Undone merchandise plus NFT collectibles are planned for Q3 2019, and for the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 is planned to have gamification elements and to open platform for pure IP creation, that will allow intellectual property owners to earn NFT tokens. IEO is planned with goal to collect almost 2 million USD through exchanges, with 600 million tokens out of 20 billion tokens, offered for sale through exchanges.

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