Devolve – Distributed Real Estate Economy

Real estate business is currently flourishing due to low interest rates, and new developments are continuously revealed, no matter is that commercial, residential, office or other type of development. Nevertheless, whole industry organization is on low level, and prices vary greatly between different Investors, since quality is not standardized.
Devolve aims to provide better organization within industry, specially when it is a matter of investment capital, that could be borderless through use of blockchain technology and Devolve support team.
Compared to classic REIT that manage and make profit from real estate assets, Devolve offer distinctive benefits, as stated in whitepaper:

  • Worldwide diversification, without huge investment potential;
  • Risk is combined between different investors, who owns part of the property;
  • High awards on Investments;
  • Liquidity is on high level, so Investors could quickly add to or reduce their positions;
  • Shared investment will enable small investors to be a part of huge investment and capital developments;
  • Borderless investment that overcome restrictions related to foreign investors.
    Shared investment is potentially great improvement in current real estate market, that is reserved for big players, with a lot of investment capital, and closed for small investors. This has two consequences:
  • Profit margin is really high, since there is a limited number of players that are willing or able to invest in development projects, and they are not willing to reduce their margins, which reduce consumers potential to afford new real estate, or to profit from the real estate, since small investors are disabled from participation, due to large funds needed to participate;
  • Entrance to the market is narrowed to limited number of Investors, and whole construction industry is dependent on these Investors. To overcome this obstacle Construction companies are entering the real estate business, and build their own real estates, but this is limited only to biggest Construction companies and require from them to enter in a completely new field of business, as Real estate owners and managers;
    Shared investment could attract small investors, and group of them, no matter of their number, could establish fund to build real estate. Blockchain is ideal support for this association, since it is transparent and trustworthy, so allocated funds could be assigned through smart contract for real estate development and smart contract conditions could limit possible modification of development funds usage.
    Devolve proposed business model consist from following phases:
  • Acquisition – this is a step where Devolve developer acquire properties, from affiliated developers with fiat currency or incentivized cryptocurrency;
  • Production – it is a step where Devolve developer team manage the project, with aim to compensate initial investment, management costs, future reinvestments, distribution of rewards and fund the growth;
    Business model is divided between rewards for participation in residential and commercial development projects, through DVX tokens allocation, fixed number of available tokens, that will increase their value when demand for them increase, and reduced prices of properties, due to direct purchase from developers, without third party involved.
    In the pipeline, there are two projects in Canada, in Richmond Hills and Ajax.

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