DeepCloud AI

DeepCloud AI goal is to provide a decentralized cloud platform, which is AI driven, and used for running of decentralized IoT and Web 3.0 applications.
Cloud is currently one of major words in programming and application development, and since Amazon deployed service for Cloud computing, all major companies are taking their chances in the market niche. It could be used as storage for data, but the application that is mentioned here is to have centralized applications that could be used locally on connected devices. DeepCloud will try to provide platform for decentralized applications that will be provided on blockchain, and could be used by resource providers and application developers.
Software as a service that will be provided by DeepCloud AI are following:

  • Internet as a service – block miners for crypto currencies, compute and storage providers and security providers;
  • Application marketplace that include validators and development tools;
  • Developer community that include IoT developers, decentralized App developers and open source tools;
    Foreseen use cases include IoT applications, which required edge computing, that is closer to the sensor, or IoT device, than on the cloud, which is currently offered by most of cloud service providers. IoT requires computing near the source and then it sends complete data in the data center. It would require vast amount of computing power to analyze a broad spectrum of different sensor data in the cloud centralized hardware, and the plan is to decentralized it, to finalize computing in the sensor hardware and send only data to cloud storage for information.
    All transactions will be resolved in DEEP tokens, that are foreseen as ERC-20 compliant token, and will be earned network resource providers, network users, application marketplace providers and artificial intelligence controllers. DEEP token value is 0,25 USD and hard cap is set on 15 million USD, or 60 million DEEP tokens.
    Regarding Roadmap, for Q1 2019 is planned Salton release.


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