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Cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of everyday life, but to be accepted by general population, we need quality user experience and user-friendly application for usage of cryptocurrencies, no matter the purpose in which crypto is used. For the moment, finance services which are covered with cryptocurrencies require a lot of technical knowledge to use the service and a small group of techno enthusiasts are using the service. With mainstream adoption, better user experience will be required and companies that serve people with decentralized applications, which have good and user-friendly interface, that is easy to use will have comparative advantage on that moment.

There are two main interfaces for usage of crypto currencies within financial sector and those are wallet and exchange. Current market for exchanges is counting a lot of them, but technical status for most of them is not on the satisfying level of confidence for most of the users. Number of exchanges that are operational at the moment is 256, according to coinmarketcap.com, which is an extensive number based on the number of users that are trading on those exchanges, and indicate early stage of development for crypto market. With an increase in the number of users and turnovers, number of exchanges will probably go down, because exchanges will have to list big number of different coins and ensure liquidity for those coin pairs, for the users to be loyal to exchange. On the other hand, payment is done through wallets, that people are using one per crypto currency platform, or multi-currency wallets that are provided for several crypto currency coins and all the tokens that are released based on those crypto coins platforms. Nevertheless, using of existing wallets require proficient level of technical knowledge and careful listing of addresses that are used for transactions, since they are complicated. This is decreasing willingness for new users to join and use crypto network.

There is a lot of ideas how to solve the above listed issues, and DARB finance https://darbfinance.com/ is proposing one of solutions that is interesting, with exchange architecture suited to user needs, in a multi-cluster environment, matching engine for more than a million transactions in a second, enhanced security regime, ensured liquidity in the ecosystem, low fees and personal token, ICO marketplace and multiple cryptocurrencies as standard features for each financial crypto exchange that is aiming to be successful. Solution for a wallet will include light wallet that is always synchronized to the network, support for multiple blockchains and ERC20 tokens, control center for small contracts, available as web browser plug-in and as well as enterprise grade functionality wallet for corporations, so that all segments of the market are covered.

DARB https://darbfinance.com/ solution will comprise Portfolio manager, for progress monitoring and DARB academy that will provide educating regarding coin basics, tutorials, podcasts and webcasts for improvement of blockchain knowledge.

There will be 200 million DARB tokens issued, and it is ERC223 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Proof of trade will be used for incentives and earnings from trade and transaction taker will receive 35% tokens from the trade, while transaction maker will receive 65% tokens from the trade. Physical payment terminals are planned for Q1 2020.

Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XX8DxYjmyXUYPwb8Qxy_kFzRf3s0_edT3yeRChxKNAM/edit
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1573369

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