Custom Contract Network for smart contracts

Smart contracts are one of the features that ensures trust in crypto currency ecosystem. CCN (Custom Contract Network) foreseen to provide complete smart contract services for crypto ecosystem and by this to resolve existing inefficiency in the ecosystem and provide better efficiency, primary in escrow services.
When compared to traditional contracts, smart contracts decrease the time needed to provide a contract from days to minutes, remittance is automatic, without human influence, escrow is not necessary, cost of the contract is negligible compared to traditional contracts, physical presence is not necessary, so global scale is easier to deploy and lawyers are not needed usually. Since smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain, data accuracy and transparency is incomparably better than with traditional contracts.
There is a several reasons for use cases of smart contracts, and in CCn whitepaper are foreseen following as the primary focus area for deployment trade and finance, record keeping, property ownership, mortgages, insurance system, voting systems, P2P transactions, stages of product development, stock taking and to deploy multi-signature wallet.
CCn is providing a service of Smart contract auditing, which is important for protection from hacks and bugs, and it is done through the process of auditing that comprise smart contract verification within libraries of known issues, validation, optimization of gas required for transaction and generation of report, that is based on all tests that are done in the process and issuance of compliance certificate.
ICO will comprise from issuance of 890 billion tokens, symbol CCN, and token distribution is planned within Q1 2019.

Project whitepaper:

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