Cura Network healthcare solution

Health data is very important part of complete research and development process in the pharmaceutical industry. Data regarding health of an individual patient, that are his or her ownership could be beneficial for researchers, when analysing new drugs and influence on general population. On the other hand, each patient is owner of that data, and should be compensated for the usage of the data. Compensation shall not mean money all the time, but it is not good situation when these data is used without patient knowledge. Cura network has patient as an autonomous human entity as a center of interest, and sharing of data will be based on patient’s approval and only to permissioned entities, with a possibility for patients to deny access to their data.

Cura Network is presenting unified platform for all interested parties in global healthcare industry, with a global and decentralized health system that facilitate collaboration between interested parties and improve data sharing between them, based on a mutual consent. Goal of the project is to promote health, and research through data obtained with permission, so that all parties have benefits from collaboration. Data will be stored on a platform that will secure interoperability and collaboration between interested parties, patients, specialists, researchers, insurance companies and developers. CUR will be the native cryptocurrency for transaction within the ecosystem.

Benefits for patients will include complete online access to their health history, with real time updates of new sessions, while the patients will have secure access to their data, those data will be private, and other parties will have access only based on patient’s permission. At home, patient could have lost health data, but in the ecosystem, health data will be secure and safe storage is guaranteed. In the ecosystem, each patient will have unique global identity, through which earnings will be distributed from providers, and main benefit will be consultation with doctors, that will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Beside benefits for providers, there are benefits for specialists and providers, since there is guaranteed reward in CUR tokens for their services in the ecosystem, instant collaboration between specialists is facilitated in the network, and colleagues from all over the world could share their opinions and expertise on the network. Specialists have access to complete health data of patients, through secure and transparent channel, that enable real time health monitoring and research through direct communication with verifiable patients. This method will provide cost savings for research, but also better discoverability for researches by research companies, since all the specialist will be visible on the network.

Third part that will have benefits from Cura network are application developers, that will have access to real time health statistics, possibility to monetize application through subscriptions, data layer for health application that is usable in development process and platform that could be used for IoT devices to communicate in-between and with health data of patients and users.

Beside the specialists and service providers, direct benefits from Cura network will be provided for medical researches and scientists, that are able to collaborate within the ecosystem, use the available data and through expansion of telehealth monitoring verify results of their research.

Primary access to the blockchain network will be through Cura network mobile client application, that will have fingerprint lock, and KYC will have to be enabled to use the application. Interaction will be done through request / approval system, that will enable one party to request data from the system, and another party to approve usage of data that are under their control. All transactions in the system will require private keys to be approved, and transactions will be written on a blockchain, as a way of transparent and immutable record keeping.

Health records will be on a decentralized storage through Inter Planetary File System, that is a peer to peer file system that connect computing devices in the same systems of files.

Total supply of tokens is 500 million, of which 200 million is offered for sale. On the roadmap, launch of blockchain test network is planned for 3rd quarter of 2019, and for 4th quarter is planned alpha release of Cura network client application.



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