Cryptocurrency market - 2019 week 7 review

Last week brought to us another weekly increase in prices on crypto currency, and total marketcap is up from 120 billion to 121,5 billion, according to When that is summarized between top crypto currencies, situation is as following:

  1. BTC is up 0.59%
  2. ETH is up 1.51%, and it is back on second place
  3. XRP is up 0.83%, and now is the third crypto currency by marketcap
  4. LTC is up 4.08%, to stabilize fourth place of crypto currency list
  5. EOS is up 1.89%
  6. BCH is up 0.57%
  7. USDT is down 0.30%, which is to be expected, since that is a stable coin
  8. TRX is down 0.14%
  9. XLM is down 1.10%
  10. BNB is down 1.06%, to close the top ten
    From other crypto currencies, that have significant daily turnover, it should noted that during last week: is up 18.08%, to reach number 74 on coinmarketcap list
    Aelf (ELF) is up 14.82% to reach number 86
    OmiseGO is up 8.90% to reach number 31
    Steem is up 5.01%, and is currently on number 47

Golos is on number 1190, with marketcap slightly above 1 million USD and low turnover 376 USD in last 24 hours.

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