Crypto paradise for dapps

Crypto projects are emerging each day, and it is an issue to follow all those projects, that are announced on different places. Now, ICO review websites are the first place to go, when looking for information regarding new projects and their verification, since within unregulated market there is a lot of scam. Large portion of new projects are Decentralized applications based on existing protocol altcoins, such as ETH, NEO, XLM, TRX and similar, with ETH having the biggest share from those.

One project that aim to compile decentralized applications on one place and provide info regarding all of those is Crypto paradise, with name pointing in the direction of provided services – one place for all dapps, related to TRX blockchain. It is foreseen for Crypto Paradise to be an ecosystem that will comprise decentralized applications and be there to follow it, and track progress on them. CPR token is the native token for Crypto Paradise, and holders will be able to get airdrop from all other projects, in 1:1 relation, that are presented and followed on the platform. Additionally, Crypto Paradise platform will share revenue profits with CPR holders, as a dividend payment.

Four basic principles, indicated in whitepaper are that Time is gold, which aim to clear out the time needed for a solution that will be benefit the community and decrease the time needed for simple analysis of each decentralised application project. Second principle is that community is priority, which could be seen from first principle as well, and means that every member of community will be able to speak and be heard when deciding, and discussions will be held on the platform. Third principle was the main motivation for project start, since founders are in the crypto business for a long time and recognize what is missing in current projects ecosystem for a qualified decision to be made. Last, but not the least important, is that founders have long term vision to provide service that will benefit both, community members and crypto community.

Solutions, that are preferred in the project, are related to project development and meant that project will provide sustainable dividend system, that will benefit the community, long term hype for projects, through regular information regarding project progress, and active channels of communication with community through telegram and other groups.

Project basics include dedicated team of professionals, limited token supply that will provide long term value and discounted price for early adopters.

Roadmap foreseen token sale and airdrop for Q3 2019, and final testing of ecosystem, launch of main website with integrated dividend system, but also start of marketing process, announcements of partnerships with other companies and plans for further expansion. Dividend will be shared through DST tokens, with total supply of 100 million and initial price of 1 TRX per token.

As mentioned, supply is 10 million tokens, with initial price 0.25 TRX per token, soft cap is 4 million tokens, and hard cap aim for 8 million sold tokens, with 80% of tokens foreseen for sale, 10% for marketing purpose and 10% for partnerships.

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