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Imaging the world without mobile phones for example, or television, and benefits that human kind is having from those? All these benefits could not be obtained without engineering and development from research organisations, but also from independent developers that find innovative ways for existing problems.

And who is offering protection to inventors and developers in today’s world? This is one of important questions, since development of new technologies offer improved wellbeing and positive disruptions to our known world and improves our quality of life. Of course, some inventions could provide new problems that need solution, or could be used in an inappropriate way, that are not offering benefits, but problems to real world. One of the examples is internet, that changed the world in a number of ways, provide global connectivity to the world, but also a number of problems.

TecraCoin is offering protection to real Inventors and Developers through connection between research and Scientist, Investors through blockchain immutable technology, that offer protection to publicly announced ideas on the network. Scientist will have access to real world Investors through blockchain technology and possibility to announce their ideas, no matter the size and effect. Investors will have access to all those ideas, and Tecra will have team of people that will also work on idea due diligence, to ensure that ideas that remain on the platform and trusted and help Investors with their decision.

One of the main ideas provided by Tecra team is development of graphene technology solution and usage of graphene in real world, where there is a gap between opportunities that graphene offer to real world application and stage of development of the material production, which is still in progress, and on a low level. Tecra team is already patented technologies with graphene, and four of these are listed in their whitepaper -

Examples from Graphene applications is for motorbike helmets, polyimide fiber, water ultrafiltration membrane and thermal conductive coatings. Tecra is raising funds for implementation and commercialisation of patented technologies for production of graphene, with graphene flakes, graphene oxide and three-dimensional forms of graphene included. Graphene paint will provide antibacterial properties, anti-corrosion and reduction of flow resistance for ships and cruisers. Second patent that is interesting is as white light source, with laser inducted white lighting from graphene foam, that combine advantages from white light sources, with provision of white light that is energy-saving and has spectrum similar to sunlight. There are also greenhouses with natural graphene light, that offer better conditions for farming and high-power lighting based on graphene, that offer longer life of light source, because of non-temperature phenomena, high brightness and energy efficiency that is very important and included in PoW algorithm used by Tecra blockchain.

As said, TCR coin is based on Tecra blockchain, that is with PoW consensus algorithm, with block reward 112,5 TCR and lowering after each halving period, by 50%, total coin supply is 210 million, and node requirement is 10 thousand. Planned block size is 2MB.

Roadmap foreseen change of hashing algorithm to be deployed by the end of July and Komodo dPoW implementation until September, with listing on Latoken planned for next year.



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