Athero IoT ecosystem

Athero platform is a decentralized and economically sustainble public compute infrastructure focused on growth and prosperity, by combining IoT and blockchain technology.
Current Internet of Things solutions have several challenges, that can be comprised within following list:

  • Trust issue – trust and verification between many different devices that are connected to the network and should communicate in between, which always posses a security threat and communication challenge;
  • Speed of data transfer issue – exchange of data between different devices on different networks is a challenge, and require certain bandwidth, which depend on the connected device. All intermediate equipment, such IoT gateways and filters also require additional bandwidth to reduce speed;
  • Total cost of ownership – IoT network bring flexibility into the network but with a cost, since there is a centralized management that should be optimized and reduce operation costs;
  • Security – security and reliability becomes critical within a network of different equipment connected to it.
    Athero integrates crypto, IoT and encryption/decryption technologies to create a new decentralized and distributed IoT ecosystem, that is highly scalable and secure.
    Structure of planned ecosystem have following in mind:
  • Ethereum smart contracts – ensuring transparency and security of all participants;
  • Computing model that is more efficient from cloud system and decentralized, called fog;
  • Important improvement is related to ability to work peer to peer without public IP address;
  • Environment that ensure that apps are running on all devices that could be connected to IoT network;
  • Overlay option that enables to link different containers to a private network.
    Above mentioned system preferences enable Athero to create different commercial athero products, which include smart contract applications, blockchain-based decentralized exchange, data sharing option, wifi ready solar smart bench networks, smart car parking technology, air and pollution smart sensors. From these, more information regarding each of these could be find in whitepaper:, and this article will provide more info on smart car parking technology in athero ecosystem:
  • Car parking technology application has significant potential through next generation, real-time and historical parking analytics application, that use all necessary equipment, comprised from sensors, wireless technology, data analytics with aim to solve parking issues.
    Aim of the system is to minimizes time and fuel consumption for available parking space search, but also to improve community and living conditions through analytics of collected data and better arrangement of parking spaces within city, that will become smarter.
    Blockchain in Athero ecosystem is composed from following technologies:
  • Private key cryptography, as a base
  • Distributed network complete with a shared ledger, that will be used for accounting of the transactions and records
  • Ability to deploy smart contracts in the network
    Main part of Athero ecosystem is THO token, that will be used for creation and selling process of decentrlaized application on the network. Token will be implemented in the beginning as ERC-20 compliant token on Ethereum blockchain, which will be exchange on a full exchange base 1:1 to native THO token on Athero blockchain.
    ICO is in progress, and will continue to January, 20, 2019.
    Project website:
    Telegram channel:
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