aQuest – decentralised app that rewards task completion

Since the development of first digital money and coins, there is a follow up process of reward programs development that provide rewards for users involved as early adopters of the solution, and promote the solution and the concept to major population. This promotion enable start-up companies to share a part of the company with early adopters, that have a positive effects on cash-flow in early phases, since marketing expenses are lowered in cash, and are provided as company share.

Since the process now includes a lot of participants, provision through different google sheets is becoming obsolete, and aQuest is providing just that, solution for the problem. aQuest is application that is enabling companies to build quests, through cloud based tool, that is simple and efficient, and accessible from each and every device.

Of course, aQuest is not simply connected to crypto bounties, it can be used for all kind of independent work, but it can be paid in tokens. It is known that independent work is usual practice for more than 20% of workforce in developed countries, which is a good target group for the application.

Idea originated in September last year, and up to now, release of beta platforms is planned, within dynamic development environment, where ideas are fast adopting and develop.

AQU token will be the centre point of the ecosystem, since these coins will be used as a circulating currency and can create supply and demand for a solution. There will be three different ways to use token on the platform – for crowd-holding, business and supporters, that includes investing tokens into companies on the platform, purchasing products on the marketplace in the application and bonuses paid from the application to all supporters.

200 million coins is created and 72,2 million will be sold directly. For bounty it is reserved two percent of coins. Public sale will last until April, 09 and Enkronos, digital strategy company based in Slovenia is organizing a process of selling AQU coins.
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